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Musings with Char!

July is flying by, so much has happened, so many places have been visited and so many bottles of wine and meals have been consumed! Where oh where has the time gone? My flights home have been booked. I’m off on the 2nd August. It’s most definitely bitter sweet… BUT we have big birthday celebrations, family affairs and my own birthday plans! Also Will’s making a fleeting visit in the month of August and before I know it I’m packing everything back in my suitcase and back off to the rolling hills of Sheffield for my second year of law school and my 21st Birthday! Septembers going to be very different to how it is now. At the moment life is full of adventure, spontaneous trips, caching and one on one time! It’s going to be different BUT it’s going to be good! There will be lots of new things to get to grips with, lots of work, lots of travelling home and abroad, without doubt lots of problems with this silly new house for second year… (don’t get me started..). It’s going to be different BUT it’s going to be good! Onwards and upwards as one would say! Life is good, I’m a happy little lady with all aspects of my life (yes there may be a runaway spider in the house, and the ceiling could potentially collapse on us but apart from those small minor details everything is rather tickety boo!

Super short Char-musings but that’s all I wish to say! Stay tuned for more adventures down South this weekend!

Love C xo



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