Saturday adventures in London!

Happy Sunday morning lovely ones!

I hope the weekend has been treating you well! This weekend I’ve beenΒ in Reading and on Saturday we hopped on a train to London to attempt to go urban caching! I know it’s all I ever seem to talk about these days BUT it is highly addictive and fun for all! We got the bus to the centre of Reading and I popped to Cafe Nero whilst Will had his hair chopped so I just opted for a latte and then we made our way to the station! Our first port of call was Paddington Station where there was actually a visual cache and you had to establish what was on Paddington’s suitcase!

The famous Paddington statue (taken by Will) isn’t it cute! I was still too busy eating my breakfast cheese burger…

After we found the statue we headed back on the tube to Notting Hill to find the famous blue door and have a wonder through Portobello Road and market! The streets were incredibly crowded and you could barely move but it was such a nice day to be in London! We’ve been really fortunate with the weather recently as both visits to London have been on warm and sunny days! We both love Notting Hill so it was a must we found the actual blue door and I’m pleased to report we did!

Casually wandering through the crowded Portobello Road! I just love how vibrant all the buildings are!
Portobello Road
One of the quirky performance acts we saw along the way!


A wall full of vintage Sewer machines was one of the quirky sights that greeted us on our way!
We were getting ever closer to the famous Blue door!!!

Then suddenly there it was, it was the wonderful blue door that we both appreciated and had bonded over due to our love of chic flicks such as Notting Hill! Will of course posed by the door because he is such a loyal fan!

Looking incredibly happy to be stood on the step of 280!

After finding the famous blue door we then set about caching! Let’s just say caching in London is a lot harder than you might think! Along the way we wandered into Portobello Arcade.


We even managed to find a beach in the middle of London under a road… I kid you not! It was called Westway Beach and was surrounded by different cuisine from all over the world! The jerk chicken smelt amazing!



After our little detour we headed to the first cache location but our first attempt left us cachless and we were starting to wonder whether we’d ever find a cache in London so we decided to wander to the next location (where it seemed the cache had been taken by muggles (people that don’t know what geocaching is) After two hopeless finds we hopped back on the tube to take us to Holburn Station where we found our first London cache in Lincoln Inn’s Fields behind a sign! It was only a microcache but it was one of the biggest ones we found whilst in London!

You might be able to spot the small tube!
It was attached using magnets!


Here’s Will looking very happy with our find!

After our find we headed to whetherspoons for a cheeky beverage! I had a Pimms and Will had an ale! We then set about finding other caches! One thing we learnt was that caches in London are incredibly sneaky! You could barely spot them! We were completely stumped by one but Will eventually found it which aided us in finding others which were hidden by the same person!

Enjoying our beverages and a sit down! We look about 14 I am aware!
This was the location of one of the caches!

We then headed to a traffic island to find another cache before heading to the British Museum to find another which was hidden behind a voltage box! After the find we went back to Spoons for more beverages and some nibbles! We shared a plate of nachos with pulled pork and we had a portion of chips to share! It’s safe to say they were demolished very quickly! We then got back on the tube and headed to covent garden to find some more caches! Our first one was again unsuccessful but the second one was not and we ended up in Soho Square sat on the pavement in order to retrieve it! Another cache was hidden in a super pretty colourful square (which I cannot remember the name of…) But it was really difficult to be stealthy because it was full of muggles! But Will got it! By now we were both pretty tired so we headed back to paddington and got on a train to Reading! We missed our bus by seconds so we went to the pub where Will had Ale and I had a pot of tea… such a wild Saturday night… Will was very amused (but I had red wine when we got home? that counts right)

It was so amusing I was made his snap chat story thanks hun..

It was a good and fun filled day! My feet were killing by the end of it! I know I keep saying this but I so recommend Geocaching it’s good fun and it’s free! It also get’s you out and about and let’s you explore new areas and places! It’s a win win situation in my eyes! I hope you enjoyed hearing about our latest adventures! Until next time, take care lovely ones!

Love C xo



4 thoughts on “Saturday adventures in London!

  1. washknight July 28, 2015 / 10:27 pm

    London caching is such a mixture of joy and frustration at times. There are so many people and the hides all tend to be tiny micro or nano caches but there are some truly amazing caches such as the British Library multicache or the Father time caches that you can only retrieve when the tide is low or the many virtual caches or the epic whereigo caches that are in hyde park… those I still have on my to do list. So interesting to hear about your fun adventures. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Charlotte Wilkinson July 29, 2015 / 8:38 am

      I completely agree with you on that! We did find it a tad repetitive because it’s obviously very hard to hide caches bigger than tiny micro or nano! I shall definitely make a note of those! They sound like a lot of fun for next time! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and thank you for deciding to continue to follow future caching adventures! πŸ™‚


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