4am musings


It’s 3:20am, I am lying in bed, my mind is buzzing. I feel like there’s two states of sleepiness, physical tiredness and mental tiredness and if I appear to lack one then so to speak I am screwed. It’s ok, I’m not a responsible adult yet with a serious job so I  can just sleep in for a little while. It’s often at ridiculous times that such successful musings are written. It’s when I’ve had several glasses of wine, got a belly full of good food and wearing the sassiest of pj’s that such thoughts come into action. I have a belly full of delicious food and delicious wine. I like a drink. We all like a drink. In my opinion life’s too short not to let your hair down and to spicen your life up with a cheeky beverage or two… Wine is good. Wine is friend. Food is also friend. I’m easily pleased. There’s a famous quote that goes ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ which we all know is absurd, if all you were to ever eat were apples your stomach would be howling in disapprovement! So over the years I’ve adapted that quote to cover all my loves in life. Admittedly it’s mostly used for wine, maybe that’s why my friends felt the need to give me a very apt coaster stating ‘wine, wine, wine, all mine!’ Were they trying to say something? Yes sometimes a drink of wine is what I require. This doesn’t make me a bad person. It makes me normal. I’m a twenty year old girl, most people my age are out on the weekend getting ‘hammered’ from cheap shots of goodness knows what, at least my drink choice is biblical! It has been featured in many a bible story and even the big man himself turned water into wine… I rest my case (there’s a budding solicitor inside me ready to leap out) I mean if God felt the need to turn water into wine in order for the wedding to be enjoyable then surely wine drinkers should be admired for being so damn cultural. We know how to do life. I think we all get so het up over moderations of this and that. If we eat too much cheese it will go to our thighs, if we drink too much juice it will ruin our teeth, if we eat too much carbs the scales will hate us and so forth! Over my short lifetime (so far) I have learnt that life is too short. You can be as fit as a fiddle and you can drop down dead in your 40’s after leading the most idyllic lifestyle possible. What is the point. Yes moderation exists for a reason but life can get the better of us all. Sometimes all that can curb a bad day is wine, chocolate and cuddles. Two of those are probably not ‘the best’ for you but I threw those words in the chuck it and **** it bucket a long time ago! I’m in a state of semi awakeness so maybe it’s the wine talking? Who knows but what I do know is that if I die happy that’s all I could ever ask for! So what if I don’t resemble some drop dead gorgeous woman, have the arms of Michelle Obama and the legs of an athlete! I’m done with that. You get what you see on the tin. Yes I like a drink. Yes my chosen profession also likes a drink! Hey this could work amicably! As my friend Steph printed on my shot glass as long as I ‘don’t start shotting wine all is fine’ I haven’t gotten to that stage yet. It may be yet to come. I’m babbling. Let’s mark the occasion of my first 4am musings with a metaphorical 14.5% glass of Shiraz shall we!


5 thoughts on “4am musings

  1. Julien Miquel July 27, 2015 / 3:35 am

    What I’ll remember from that post is a quote of yours: “Wine is good. Wine is friend. Food is also friend. I’m easily pleased.” It sounds almost like a slogan 🙂 Cheers


    • Charlotte Wilkinson July 27, 2015 / 11:58 am

      Well I’m pleased my ramblings actually meant something to someone! You are most welcome 🙂 thanks for stopping by!


  2. onwineandspirits July 27, 2015 / 4:19 am

    Cheers to the glass and 4 A.M is such a powerful time to write creatively 😉


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