Meaningful Monday: 27th July 2015

I’m sad to report that this is my last Monday that I’m spending in the UK for a little while. I’m sad. I don’t want to leave really but I know I must! My family are all super eager to see me and we need to celebrate my sweet mothers 50th in style! I’m just sad to leave Will behind. I’ll be a big girl and I’ll just have to suck it up. I have to. I decided to look up the actual definition of meaningful so I could write an accurate post of why I’m so damn certain to make life meaningful and this is what it said:

MeaningfulSo now I’ve established what exactly I’m meant to be whittering on about what exactly has meaning in my life, what is significant and what are the most important bits of my life.

Let’s start with importance:

I truly believe that love is one of the most important aspects in a persons life, it doesn’t have to be a couple type love but love is key. Love is all around (yes I’m quoting Love Actually) love is what makes life so bloody wonderful. Love for someone, love for your pets, love for your hobbies, love for your profession and so forth… Love keeps things fun and exciting. Love for someone or something spurs us on. It’s a powerful thing the L word!

Useful quality:

In my opinion laughter and kindness should come after love. Life is hard at times, it get’s the better of all of us, it screws everyone over sooner or later so queue the laughter and the kindness. I ‘try’ to surround myself with people who offer both qualities. Therefore I’m eternally grateful for every single person in my life who makes me laugh on a regular basis and every person who has shown me kindness and if they are that savvy and have the ability to combine both qualities you my friends are on to a winner. That to me is a very useful quality to have.


There’s a lot of people in my life who hold meaning, either because they love me for who I am and want me to be happy and are true and honest people. Life holds such meaning itself because it is precious and a treasured gift, oh boy there’s so much meaning everywhere I look that I could probably attempt to write a book all about why you should actively live your life with meaning whilst possessing useful qualities and finding significance with the things you do along the way! Then you should be able to expressly state why these things are so significant and important. It sounds like a life long challenge to us all. This is way too deep. I’m calling quits.



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