Talkative Tuesday: a wonderful Mum should have a wonderful birthday!

Good afternoon my little spiderlings, it’s a Tuesday and I’m feeling talkative… go figure πŸ˜‰

Anyway today is a very very special day! I feel like a children/s TV presenter (in some weird way) I’m digressing but today is my sweet mum’s big 50th Birthday! As I type she’s probably getting ready for her planned Pimms party in muddy Somerset whilst I’m lying in bed in Sheffield wearing the MOST fetching elephant patterned jumpsuit anyone could possibly imagine! I feel like I might need to give a heads up that this post will most likely be soppy, I think I’m turning into an absolute sop as I age!

I really owe that lady an awful lot. This wonderful loving, kind and compassionate women gave me life, she is my loudest cheerleader, she does nothing but encourage, persuade and love unconditionally. That woman is a gem she washes my mountains of dirty clothes, irons my beautiful but don’t they bloody crease like a bitch tops and makes the tastiest of meals! She sends care packages (be jealous) she has such a good taste (I sometimes wonder if she knows what I like more than me!) She is hilarious, she loves a good banter sesh, she is just an all rounder. It’s not just me that loves her, she’s loved by a LOT of people. This is going to sound extremely clecheΒ BUT when I ‘grow’ up (I don’t feel my age…) I want to be like her. I’m one lucky little lady to have such a cool, loving and fabulous Mumsiekins in my life. I feel like I’m always saying how lucky I am but I truly am. A lot of things have changed and I just want those who mean a lot to know that they mean a lot and that I love them incredible amounts- My mum being one of the unlucky ones… I jest! So here’s to you mum! Although you probably won’t see this as we had a phone call that probably cost you Β£30 #internationalstudentprobs this morning and because you are even more of a light weight than your daughter… So there’s a strong chance that the Pimms party might just absolutely destroy you… you gotta do it in style after all! Have a fabulous 50th Birthday and I shall see you super soon for pressies, bubbly and an abundance of tasty food!

I bet you wish you were in San Juan right now πŸ˜‰

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