Afternoon my little spiderlings, I cannot believe a week has already flown by! Where oh where has the time gone? It’s a bit of a sad day, I had to say a temporary goodbye to my love which was a lot tougher than I thought. I’m really quite attached to him and after nearly spending a whole month together (like every single wonderful day) it kind of sucks to be apart. I have turned into such a sop. Therefore this thankful Thursday is completely dedicated to him (to you my dear because I know you’ll read this…)

I am so thankful to have you in my life. You literally never fail to make me laugh, I love spending time with you, we are both absolutely crazy and that’s 100% ok, I love our ‘interesting’ taste in youtube videos, PJ & chic flick nights, exploring new places whilst searching for caches, for your wonderful sense of humour, for being so caring and lovely to me. I’m just so thankful to have you. You’ll probably not like me saying this but it’s all completely true. So why on earth wouldn’t I be thankful! You are fab ❀

Short & sweet, over and out!

love you ❀