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Thursday musing at 10pm… stone cold sober (unfortunately)

Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 22.08.46

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an artist!

The last musings I wrote was written at a stupidly early hour and I was potentially a tad tipsy. Potentially. Tonight I shall attempt a sober musings which means it will probably not be as witty and as ingenious as it could have possibly been. I’m betting emotions will actually take over oh blimey this could get messy pretty darn quickly I really ought to stick to pretty OOTD posts…

First of all to those who are new to Charzweb, Hiya! (insert favourite meme of all time RIGHT NOW)


I jest, I’m just amazed you manage to put up with my interesting sense of humour and wit which I try to portray (I sometimes succeed others times I sadly fail! It’s a bit of a contrast to my 4am musings most likely because the culprit who kept me awake with his sassy refusal to sleep is miles and miles and MILES away… I’m not dwelling. Nope. Not Much. Anyway before I reach new levels of desperate-ness and sniff Olaf which smells of him… oh of course I would never do such a thing 😉 I’m not even sure what’s going to come out of my mouth tonight. It’s a bit of an odd one. I now just want to be at home because I strongly dislike my university house. It is not nice. I’m sorry to say it but I’m also now not a fan of landlords. That’s a whole other really boring story which would terribly bore you (much like this then). I swear if Sainsburys was as close as it used to be I’d bloody buy a bottle of the red stuff and sit, drink and write! Some of the worlds most famous writers? Or was it painters? Oh who knows, but basically alcohol somehow makes me better at things which I otherwise suck at like painting my nails… I am soooooooo bad at that. I tend to paint my skin… am I alone with my struggles? Where is this even going. This is what four days of no alcoholic beverages does to a girl. It’s bad. Very bad. I most likely sound drunk right about now because this is a pile of incoherent mutterings which I’ve foolishly decided to post. What am I like. I’m a cool girl honest, just a tad quirky, if I was a biscuit I’d contain nuts because that is legitimately what I am. I’m a bit of a nutter. I always just try to convince myself that sanity is clearly overrated anyway! I’m lying in bed, completely freaking about the sassy spider that decided to grace me with its presence yesterday afternoon. At first I thought it was a wasp or something ever more terrifying! It turned out to be a weird looking spider which wasn’t slow AT ALL. Oh boy didn’t it run RIGHT ACROSS MY CEILING and guess where the little bugger went? In the sodding smoke detector. So me and Vicki (flat mate) decided to temporarily tape up my detector using white label notes. Then Will investigated the situation, tore off our sad but bloody clever attempt of sealing the terror and it has not been seen since. It was last seen running up into the ceiling which means it’s probably in another room! I’ve been super vigilant all day incase it appeared but it hasn’t! When I’m not utterly immobolised by spiders I’m overwhelmed by the sight of silverfish. I don’t even want to talk about them. I’m insanely itchy just typing the word. I admittedly have a bug phobia. It’s quite bad. Oh the irony that in my room last year (my little paradise) I didn’t have 1 bug sighting. Sobs. My life is super thrilling, I bet you are all insanely jealous of me as I get to cohabit with so many different species. I am one lucky mofo. I just want tomorrow and Saturday to fly by, as my taxi to the airport is meant to be collecting me at 10am Sunday! Flights at 3 home by 5 wooo! Then again last time I was actually put up in a hotel due to fog and it nearly happened again for a second time. I’ll remain positive but be cautious. I’m pretty tired. I might just call it a night. I’m actually kind of scared about going to sleep in this room which is somewhat problematic when uni hasn’t even started yet! Oh but before I leave you all I have started a new scrap book! Yay. The lady at Wilkos told me they did not sell scrapbooks so I naturally of course had to be right and found said scrapbook on the shelf and then cheekily went up to her till to pay for the SCRAPBOOK. I knew it. She as expected was incredibly apologetic and tried to use the excuse ‘we have so much stock in and it changes all the time’ when she explicity told me ‘we’ve never sold scrapbooks here’ awkward…

It’s only just occurred to me that after 839 words nobody probably even cares about any of this. You all probably want to hear about my adventures and not about the mundane and frankly boring bits of Charzweb! Oh well life can’t always be all glitzy and glamour filled. I never proclaimed to lead an extraordinarily interesting life! I’m all mused out.


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