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Fun and frolics friday *it’s a joke* well today is

Good evening my little web makers how are we all? Today has been a bit of a bore, it was clearly obvious where the day was heading as soon as I woke up and grabbed my laptop to watch the same awful yet somehow intriguing videos!

So the first fun and frolic aspect of my day was when a bloody silverfish decided to inhabit my laptop over night (I put it on the floor… I should have known better! I picked it up this morning (I think I gave it a quick check, maybe?) There I was minding my own business when the blooming bugger just casually strolls across my laptop. I of course am freaking the hell out inside but I carried the laptop into the hallway, tipped it and then killed the seriously sassy bug.

Screen shot 2015-07-31 at 23.14.38
Naturally I had to tweet about the traumatic event…

I was then so traumatised that there were more lurking and therefore the laptop had to be taken out into the kitchen (where it stood standing on it’s side for a good 2 hours before I could possibly bare touching it. I obviously took to google with the burning question ‘can silverfish get in laptops’ in which I read many horror stories about them living under the keyboard which obviously scared the absolute crap out of me and spent the whole day panicking about using any of my keys! No sight of any yet and it’s been a fair few hours now.

The next installment of the bug infestation lead me to the discovery of A LOT of big dead spiders by my window (which I genuinely thought was droppings… I can’t tell which I prefer… It’s all a sodding problem! I got the dust pan and brush and just bit the bullet and chucked them in our overcrowded bin. Note to self need to take out the bin.

I was so panicky about the silverfish and dead spiders I made the executive decision that my room was therefore not a safe place to pack my case so I took both cases and a huge pile of clothes and headed to the kitchen to pack and sat on a bar stool to be away from any creepy crawlies.

One thing I’m really grateful about is that Sheffield has not participated in the Flying Ant day that is plaguing London because I sure as hell could not cope with any more infestations.

Once I’d gained some composure I headed to the living room (tucking my socks into my trousers… yes I’m paranoid where I’ve legitimately been for quite a few hours.

I decided that it was socially acceptable to order a takeaway for one (because it damn is, don’t even judge me… you’d cry to if it happened to you… tune.

I’m going to possibly make a cup of tea, I just want to go to bed fairly late so I can wake up late and be totally unaware of any creepies that are crawling. One more day Char. One more day till you are back in civilisation. You can do this.

Today has been full of fun and frolics… note the ******* sarcasm

over & out.



2 thoughts on “Fun and frolics friday *it’s a joke* well today is

  1. I have had many a battle with those silverfish! Never had one crawl into my laptop though…
    Hope today has been a better day for you 🙂


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