sunny side up or sunny side down: breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Happy Saturday little spiderlings, this post is set to go live… (yes Charlotte has taken an advanced step in the world of blogging and hopes this is therefore released at the specified time)

On Friday me and the parents decided that we’d go to a local establishment for a cheeky spot of breakfast! The last time I went there I was a vegetarian and had the absolute joy of eating facon (fake bacon) otherwise commonly referred to as cardboard. Yum. Hot cardboard on a plate. Delicious. This time however I had a very particular take on the whole experience… GIVE ME ALL THE MEAT IN THE DAMN PLACE AND NO ONE WILL BE HARMED. It was soul destroying that they forgot about us and we waited an age to receive a menu (and that was only after my mum went up and asked). One word springs to mind. Hangry. I get hangry, do not make me wait an obscene amount of time for food when there is barely anyone in the restaurant. If you are unsure of the concept of hangry, allow me to explain with the curtesy of Urban Dictionary!

Screen shot 2015-08-08 at 09.09.01
We can all relate right?

It really was heart breaking. Eventually the man wandered over and took our order and it did come fairly quickly, I hav’e to admit it! Anyway I’m digressing… we all ordered the ‘Urban breakfast’ which consisted of bacon, black pudding (eww), beans, mushroom, tomato, cumberland sausage, toast and a choice of egg ( I opted for poached of course & brown toast). It was very yummy. The toast came with two little pots of different jam and three small sachets of Guernsey butter (we do the BEST butter ;)…) We also ordered juices to accompany the little delight (I obviously opted for apple duh!) So you all now probably want to visually see what this breakfast adventure looked like!

How cute are those poached eggs I ask you?
It was really cute and there was a big attention to detail element to it!
The jam pots were tiny and tasted really good (orange & strawberry)
Our selection of white and brown toast came on a wooden board (we had four slices each)
The beans came on the side in these cute little blue pots!
It did look very yummy!

It was a very tasty breakfast and gave us sustenance to tackle the huge underwear haul we were about to undertake! It gave us the ability to try on an obscene amount of bras (so thanks brekkie for being a babe) We had a pretty relaxed day and ended the day sat in my Uncles’s garden as we celebrated him turning the big five 0! We of course (me and mumsie kins) finished the day with pimms in hand!

Cheers my dears!

So the moral of this post is… breakfast is very important as it makes underwear shopping a whole lot easier when you have heaps of energy to try on 20+ bras in one time!

Until next time spider-chicas

Love C xo


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