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Date cards: ideas to keep things spicy and exciting!

Happy Sunday little spiderlings!

I’m feeling a little bit fragile! There’s perks to having a friend with her own cocktail bar but there’s also negatives about it (mostly the day after) I’m currently drinking a smoothie and it vaguely tastes of vodka… I hope it’s psychological! Anyway enough about my delicate state. I decided (after scrolling through blogs, instagram and pinterest) to dedicate a day every month for a ‘date day’. There are a lot of people in long distance relationships (LDR) but I’m guessing there are also people (like me) who live in the same country but live several hours away from their S.O, BF, GF… whatever you want to call it! Although it doesn’t involve a 24 hr flight etc sometime it can get to us! So in my head if there is one set day, you know that you will see your love AT LEAST once a month! Life is busy, it’s hard having to travel but good things are worth working for in my opinion. If that person makes you extremely happy then in my head it makes sense to go out of your way to make them happy! It’s also super exciting to have surprises, just think about how excited you are when you get presents (and you have no idea what they are!) it’s very exciting! I feel like you both need to actively make effort, if he’s/she’s made effort, you too need to make effort! So for example Will planned our summer adventures and he did extremely well, everything ran like clock work and it was just such an enjoyable time! So I decided that I would do something to surprise Will!

I’ve seen different variations of date cards, some are on lolly pop sticks, others are written on colourful pieces of card, hand written letters which are sent monthly and some send emails because we are that darn modern (and computers are his thing) and I sadly do not have cute writing but I have wit (and I can sort of write…) so it makes sense!





Basically there is a lot of ways to go about this! It’s important to make time and to enjoy every little millisecond together! We have opted for emails but I might also make an adapted Jar version so I know what’s happening over the 12 different date cards! I made our date cards by incorporating pet names for each other and then I just adapt the image for each date card ever so slightly to make it apt! This is a previous attempt of the date card (before it had the pet name element)


You kind of get the idea! You can make it applicable to the both of you! Will has a pet name for me which is very apt and I have a pet name for him so it made sense to incorporate that little inside joke into it! I’m not going to give details away about my plans but he already knows the August one which is a picnic on the beach in Guernsey with red wine and food provided by waitrose! Here is the August card… although apparently the rabbit actually looks like a fat lady with a sunhat over her face… I am not an artist haha!

august date card
I am original and imaginative…

I have decided to release the date card email on the 4th of every month and this lasts from August 2015 – August 2016! I plan to make it season appropriate, so December is most likely going to be a Christmassy activity and so forth! You get the idea! The actual activity plan doesn’t need to be expensive, you can have the odd plush one here and there but tripadvisor is a pretty handy website and google is always friend! What I recommend doing is establishing a middle ground (meeting point) between the two of you! For us Coventry and Birmingham are pretty much in the centre of us both! Although sometimes you could actually plan a date card in either yours or their city as a special treat and maybe even have a mini stay-over vacation! I’m still planning future date cards! It’s always good to google in advance! One things that I’d highly recommend is purchasing a rail card because on one trip it saves £25 which is a lot of money to a poor student! I’m all for fun, excitement, love and adventure! In my personal opinion you can have fun doing absolutely anything if you are with someone who makes you smile and laugh! You really don’t need to spend loads and loads of money! We have had so much fun geocaching (which is completely free) museums are also often free! There’s a lot of budget activities out there if you know where to look! Maybe you and your partner would benefit from this? Who knows! It’s just a way to guarantee that you will at least see each other once a month!

Go ahead and make a cute date card jar? or some cute handwritten letters if you are gifted with glorious writing!

Until next time

Love C xo


2 thoughts on “Date cards: ideas to keep things spicy and exciting!

  1. This is a great idea!
    My boyfriend and I don’t really have a long distance relationship (although he does live right on the other side of town) but we barely see each during holidays so I may make a date jar for him and I to use at uni; it will make sure we actually get out of the flat after finishing assignments and whatnot


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