Talkative Tuesday: making life count *clink*

You know whats really just hit me today? We are not invincible. We are not here forever… what a morbid topic but I believe it’s important. I am the lucky one, I am the one and only surviving daughter. I am alive. That is a wonderful gift in itself! Do I take it for granted? Of course I and you take our life for granted. Life is ours to do what we want with so we MUST make every little millisecond count. It is easy to be bitter and it is easy to play the why me card. Life is too short to be bitter, life is too short to hold grudges, life is to short to care what others think of what you do with your life. In my honest opinion **** what everyone else thinks and do things that make you happy! Be with people who truly love you, do not invest time in unhappy relationships… what is the point? Once it’s gone, it’s gone! I try my hardest to take a proactive approach to life, I try not to mope around too often, I try to do and spend time with my nearest and dearest, I try to capture as many wonderful and cherished moments as possible, I try to tell those who I love that I love them, that they are appreciated and wonderful human beings who I have the pleasure of doing life with! I am lucky, you are lucky… we are all darn lucky! Yes life has this habit of ******* us all over royally, it’s not quite a disney tale is it?! So what, it’s the most invaluable thing we will ever possess we only get one shot at it! We all make mistakes (I still make them)… you can’t change the past so actively try to change your future. Step out of comfort zones, do crazy and wild things because you only live once. There was a very popular word a year or so back, YOLO (you only live once) and even though I absolutely despise the word the meaning is true and real. We do only live once. Today a 28 year old woman (I didn’t know her) but she died on her birthday. She was 28 only a few years older than me. Twenty eight is no age to die, Abby was a baby, that is no age to die and so forth. So the moral of this post is to do as much that is humanly possible with our time, don’t waste time with cross words and never leave on a bad note. Let’s get out of our comfort zones, let’s proactively make a life that we will never ever forget and if that involves a few crazy antics here and there then so be it! I’m raising a glass to being alive, happy and well! So here’s to a wonderful, dreamy, adventure filled life chaps, it’s ours to conquer and I’m planning on a wild & exciting one!

Cheers my dears




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