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Feel good friday: Being happy in the skin we’re in!

Good morning little web makers! I’ve decided to startΒ posting a ‘Feel Good Friday’ every single friday because I believe it is crucial that we all feel good about the skin we are in so watch this space! I’m planning big things! Body confidence is so incredibly important in this day and age πŸ™‚

This is a love letter to the wonderful vessel that keeps us afloat. Our bodies.

It is all too easy to focus on our flaws, our wobbly bits, wrinkly bits, saggy bits, worn & torn bits and our lumpy and bumpy bits. We never focus on our positives such as beautiful sparkly eyes, long strongs legs, voluptuous lips and a brilliant pair of boobs! We just choose to focus on the negatives. We, me and you actively choose to think negatively about our bodies. We all want that flat stomach and those little tiny matchstick legs, we all want to have a pert bum, pert boobs and we sure as hell do not want to see any bingo wings or muffin tops! We are all obsessed about looking a certain way! We all want to ultimately look like someone who is not us. Girls we need to accept our bodies, they tell a story, the stretch marks on my thighs show how I grew taller and stronger, my legs carry me to wonderful places, my arms lift wonderful precious things like little ones and bags of purchases and they give loving warm embraces! My eyes let me see the wonders of the world, my boobs make dresses look fabulous and I have just enough bum to satisfy. We can choose to either spend a life time at war with our bodies or we can accept our quirks, we can start truly living, we can embrace the odd jiggly bits! When we spend years hating what we see in the mirror we waste precious time, we waste time that could have been spent loving our quirks and living life to the full. We without knowing it, turn into someone that we are not. It’s a fact that those who have curly locks always want straight hair and vice versa we are never truly satisfied! A lot of us are probably guilty of going on quick fix diets, that only really cause water weight loss and not actually fat loss. I’ll tell you now that weightwatchers meals are not tasty, diet shakes taste absolutely foul and diet pill are absolutely rubbish and very bad for your body. I believe that before you can truly fall in love you need to learn to love yourself first. That may sound incredibly cheesy but it’s true. If you cannot love yourself then how is anyone else going to love you? So what is the first step to feeling good you ask?

  • You need to accept your flaws, embrace them and accept that they are part of you!

  • You need to stop hating yourself, you need to change your mindset… this is going to be hard but it’s worth it!

  • You need to stop caring what others thing about you, you need to be true to yourself, you need to be wholeheartedly yourself!

  • You need to stop putting on a facade, you need to be real with those who love you!

  • If you need help because you are stuck in a self destructive rut, ask for it.

  • You are not weak because you need help to get out of it, in fact you are incredibly brave!Β 

  • Life is short, don’t spend it being at war with yourself over petty things at the end of the day!

  • Food is not the enemy, it’s what fixes your broken body and it helps heal broken minds.

  • You need to love yourself

  • Before others can fall deeply in love with your body and your mind.

This is the first of many more ‘Feel Good Fridays’ to come! Let’s spread the body love and positivity, its all well being in love with life but you also need to love yourself πŸ˜‰

Until next time

Love C xo



4 thoughts on “Feel good friday: Being happy in the skin we’re in!

  1. This post is brilliant πŸ™‚ thankyou for this post! I have suffered with eating problems for quite some time now but he and my family have helped me so much. Blogs like this also help and make me smile πŸ™‚ have a great Friday and fabulous weekend πŸ™‚ oh and yes its true curly haired people want straight hair but now mines got dodgy from straighteners and eating badly for quite a bit but now I’m trying to eat nutritionally and take care of my hair so that it’ll hopefully grow long πŸ™‚ wish me luck haha!


  2. I’m glad it’s had an impact on someone! I’m so glad you have a brilliant support network it really does help! If this post makes one person smile then to me that is a huge success! Thank you lovely! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I know the feeling my hair is so incredibly thin that there is NO WAY I could have it long anymore oh well! Yeah just make sure nutritionally doesn’t turn into another form of disordered eating… it’s a very fine line! I wish you all the luck in the world! Thank you for taking the time to comment πŸ™‚


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