Sunday antics…

Afternoon little web makers! I wish I lived in spain where afternoon siestas are acceptable πŸ˜‰Β 

Wow I am so tired, I’m not entirely sure why! I don’t think I’ve been up as early as I had to today for a little while (especially not on a Sunday which has been a PJ, rest and lie in bed kind of day for the last couple of weeks. It was definitely a wakeup call. When I woke up this morning it was glorious and sunny and warm, so I naturally thought oh I’ll wear something summery and cute! So I opted for a pale blue, with lace detail playsuit. The only small problem was that I was going to church and not the beach. I wore a cardigan to make it a little less LEGS LEGS LEGS, BOOBS, BOOBS, BOOBS. I was iffing and hmming between charcoal jeans and this sassy little number! I obviously first asked if I could wear said playsuit and she said I could (believe me it’s easier to keep the peace!) she said I could and because the weather was nice I went with it. Then I got to church, my lack of body literally just highlights the fact my body is mostly made up from my legs and now my chest. I originally didn’t think the neckline was that bad, whoops I hadn’t sat down in the little number yet. I mean it wasn’t that bad. You probably do not care about what I wore to church but I’m going to carry on babbling away because I signed up for the post daily scheme. Note to self, what on earth was I thinking. So I got there and literally just praised the lord that I had decided to wear a cardigan. I was incredibly tired, not really wanting to be there, preferring to be slobbing around in my pjs! I was a good girl however and off to church I went. What really shocked me was for the first time in forever I felt TOO OLD to be wearing such an outfit. I genuinely felt that a twenty year old (more twenty one) was too old to be wearing a playsuit to church… What is going on. I’m acting like I’m 40. Well as I’m reminded you’re half way there Char! Thanks guys. Brilliant. So once I’d got through the morning (making sure my bum was not on display to the entire congregation because my darling mother likes to sit on the front row for some reason? After being asked:

‘hows the relationship going’, ‘when are you seeing Will’, ‘how long are you here for now?’ and a fair few ‘I haven’t seen you in a while…’ All whilst thinking (how do you know I’m in a relationship… blooming Guernsey for you… Sigh take me back to anonymity!

I managed to get through the morning in one piece, me and my playsuit. As soon as I got home I automatically changed into my pjs… who cares if my Gran was coming for lunch. Comfort over style any day. We had bacon sandwiches and we had cake. That was pretty spot on. I was happy. Bacon is happiness. Bacon is life. Bacon is bliss. I’m not a pleasant person to be around when I’m tired I have the tendency to turn into a bit of a diva and all that can fix cranky CMEW is an afternoon siesta! So that’s what I did. All I remember was half watching Alvin and the chipmunks being washed up on a deserted island and the next moment I’m in the land of nod and wake up to a harp sound (boyf) don’t even get me started on the whatsapp update. A harp goes off every time he messages me. It’s pretty darn obvious. Oh well. I might figure out one day how to change it. At least I know who it is hey? So I woke up (with the craziest of hair) why do I get such bad cases of bed hair as soon as I lay down. What is this sorcery I ask you all? Anyway I’m now awake, realised I hadn’t blogged and this is why you are hearing about a really crappy story about a playsuit and an afternoon siesta… I’m waiting for 8pm so I can watch Don’t Tell The Bride because that S.ugar H.oney I.ced T.ea is blooming marvellous! I shall leave it here before you all fall asleep with your heads on the keyboard!

Ciao my little web makers!

So the moral of todays post is wear sensible clothing to church and that afternoon siestas are very much an ok thing.



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