Evening little spiderlings!

It seems like Travel Tuesday was a fairly good idea so I shall be keeping that up and metaphorically diving into more foreign waters which you should all explore if given the chance very soon! (Well next Tuesday ;)..)


I just thought to myself, might as well check on WordPress see what’s new and what not! Then I saw the wonderful Wordscoffeeandlacedresses has nominated me for another blogging award, like seriously what am I even doing to be nominated for three separate awards by the same wonderful blogger! I must be doing something right… hopefully! So yes I saw that she’d written such lovely words (as per because she is a sweetheart) and felt obliged to thank her right away for the nomination!

I really think these whole blog awards are damn cute and most importantly inspiring! There is nothing better when people actually want to read about your humdrum and boring little bubble! It’s an honour that so many of you have joined my metaphorical web (which is most definitely not filled with lies and deceit like webs are often described as! I hope this web is filled with bubbly dreamy stuff and not the above!

My blog ‘littleteadresses’ started in June of this year before I (with a bit of persuasion and creativity from the boy) changed the name to its current name which you all probably identify with ‘Charzweb’. Will doesn’t know this but it was actually a piece of graffiti that he had sprayed that made me go with the ‘Z’ instead of a generic ‘S’. The really ironic thing is that I AM NOT a tea dress girl at all. Give me jeans and a top any day! ‘Charzweb’ all kind of started after I had been blogging on blogspot on and off for several years, but I hardly generated any traffic and no one appeared to be reading any posts and I did not receive one single comment. This kind of made me feel a little bit disheartened! So I took a metaphorical leap of faith and started posting some of my old posts onto this brand new spanking blog! Within minutes I had double figure likes on my travel posts and some of my little old rambles! I felt so welcomed here instantly and I am glad to report I have never looked back. I also think that my odd rambles to Will here and there mostly about not being a vegetarian anymore inspired me to start actually properly blogging! I have been told that ‘I can write, whatever that means’. I often just personally think it’s a pile of incoherent mess strung together with punctuation! Unfortunately you are now all lumbered with me… guess what’s coming next!!!

I am predictable…

Ok enough ramblings on with the award!

I’m really bad at nominating! I’m not even sure the people I’ve nominated before are aware that they have been nominated… it’s all a bit too technical for this girl! I’ll have a think about nominations and adjust them as I see fair!

(when I’ve figured out who, they shall be here)


I’m apparently meant to give new bloggers advice but I feel fairly new to the whole blogosphere myself! Ok here goes… Char get’s knee-deep in cheese… BUT be you, don’t put on an act, just be yourself, try to be original (try), be consistent! As Will told me in the earlier days that people like consistency and NOT change! So don’t in his words ‘bloody change your theme every day’ stick with it, it can be disheartening at the start when there’s no traffic or followers or any little orange flashy symbol in the top right… common we all know the buzzy feeling deep inside when we get a notification πŸ˜‰ So it’s a rap! I now have three awards. Wow. This. Is. Crazy.

Love you all C xo