Travel Tuesday: St Lucia

Morning little web makers! Today is Tuesday, where oh where is the time going? It’s literally flying by!!! Please correct me if I am wrong BUT I believe I do not have a Tuesday blog post theme so this is what’s going to happen! Tuesday is going to be called ‘Travel Tuesday’ because I am SOOOOO original BUT on a plus side the photos will be super original because I my little web makers snapped them myself oohh yeah! So without further a do let me jump right into the dreamy Caribbean sea and relive all my wonderful St Lucia moments!

I absolutely love how colourful the houses are in the Caribbean they are absolutely dreamy (oh no she used that word again…)
St Lucia is incredibly green and lush and looked incredible from the ship!
All you see when coming into port is bright colourful little houses.
The Caribbean islands rely heavily on the fishing industry so you see a lot of vessels everywhere you go.
It really is such a beautiful island to explore! This was the view from the port and just look at the beautiful colour of the sea.
This was a private harbour where the nearby houses moored their own boats.
In the docks there is a small shopping plaza which is specifically put there for cruise passengers to spend their monies before hopping back on board.
This is Castries, the capital city skyline in St Lucia! It’s so colourful, vibrant and such a happy place! This was taken from a viewing point higher up in the hills!
Even the bridges are bright, beautiful and colourful! I was in my element with all this colour πŸ˜€
Our first port of call was a small sleepy fishing village (which admittedly did look quite a poor area) the locals relied on the fishing industry and passing tourists to make a living. Nevertheless the stalls and little wooden shacks were bright and picture worthy! My dad actually had a long conversation with some of them on the beach whilst I tried to resist the urge to buy these beautiful conk shells!
Talking of the locals here they are just off on an adventure on their boat!
The beach was however incredibly peaceful and felt like a small piece of paradise and don’t even get me started on the colour of the sea.
We then stopped at a look over point which looked over the beach where we had just been! It’s such a simple way of life, it really does feel special!
We stopped at another viewing point and this just caught my eye! I love how they are just selling fresh fruit at the side of the road. It really does feel tropical and just wonderful!
We then made our way to St Lucia’s famous Pitons! (which are two volcanic spires) they are incredible! It’s such a wonderful sight It really makes you appreciate natural formations!
I know I keep saying it BUT look how green everything is!!!
Next stop was Sulphur Springs (the worlds only drive in volcano) which is maintained by the Soufriere Foundation! Admittedly sulphur really doesn’t smell nice but it was a marvellous experience! You could have a mud bath if you wanted (but it’s not my cup of tea!)


We then headed to the Toraille Waterful which was beautiful!
The garden surrounding the waterfall was bursting with colour and life with gorgeous tropical plants and flowers!
There’s the waterfall! You can swim in it if you have the time!
Our final stop of the day was here (this is apparently a filming sight in Doctor Doolittle (I think…) I could be wrong! It’s just stunning isn’t it!

If you ever get the chance to explore this little tropical gem of an island definitely go and explore! The Pitons are amazing, the beaches are out of this world and there’s so many quirky places to find and explore! I love St Lucia! I hope you enjoyed this short whirl wind tour of the lush island!


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