Inspired by pinterest, created by hand: DIY summer garden party decorations!

Happy Wednesday little web makers. I feel my last post was a tad too tinged with negativity and so to make up for the 2am musings I have been a busy little bee making cute decorations for our summer garden party which is to celebrate my sweet mum turning 50 and me turning 21! I wanted to make it original and cute so now all I can hope for is nice weather to decorate the garden with my little crafty makes! I wanted it to be bright, eye-catching and sort of vintage all at the same time as well as being consistent (i.e. having a specific colour scheme which is bright red, yellow, green and blue along with local newspapers and magazines and obviously white paper for the cloud garland! I really love how it looks so simple yet when it’s displayed it looks really effective and will just add to the happy vibe for the party! We also have three large yellow border pin boards which are filled with photos ranging through all the ages! I will definitely show you the full effect on the day but for now these are the nifty little but kind of cute decorations I have come up with!

Magazine and red paper hearts attached onto string.
Newspaper bunting, very simple but effective!
Cloud and balloon hanging garlands!
Balloons, clouds and hearts!
paper chains are incredibly simple to make and dirt cheap! All you need is coloured paper, scissors and tape! Simple!

11880597_10206820041087243_4823192733771650601_n 11891107_10206820040967240_2667082397685359698_nThis really is such a cheap and simple way to make decorations for different occasions! You hardly need any materials and it would cost under Β£10 to buy these things! I’m pretty happy with the outcome! So go ahead and make some cute and simple decorations for an upcoming event!

Love C xo


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