Feel good friday: food is not the enemy

Good morning little web makers! How are we all this fine ‘Feel Good Friday’?

Last week was about loving the skin we are in (a bit of cheeky self promotion for you all) Today is about food not being the enemy. In fact it is what we need to thrive and it’s what we need (with water) to stay alive so why on earth are we making it the enemy? The reality is that food is not the enemy, self hatred and negativity is. Food is a vital, it is not a luxury. It is all about quantity and quality. I was very hesitant to bring up the ‘Q’ words but quantity is ultimately what either makes something healthy or unhealthy. Malnutrition and restriction is not healthy but neither is eating till you are physically sick, both are disordered. Therefore it’s all about maintaining the right balance of good and bad. Our bodies need fat, our bodies need vitamins, our bodies need iron and protein and so on. Our bodies are incredibly complex things which require an awful lot in order to function. When we restrict the amount of food not only are our bodies affected but also our minds. I read somewhere in a book (I think it was called ‘Monkey Taming’ and it’s fairly damn obvious that by restricting we are technically starving our organs which is obviously going to have a knock on effect. This was proved in the Minnesota Starvation Experiment and it showed that increased periods of starvation significantly increases the likelihood of depression,  irritability, and emotional distress. This was also only a study, so you can imagine what years of self hatred and unhealthy behaviours does to our body. To sum it in in a simple way, once your fat stores are used up after long periods of starvation your body will start to eat away at your organ at a last ditch attempt to keep fighting. Overeating is just as bad, long periods of overeating can lead to gallstones, weight gain and coronary heart disease.

It’s not food that’s the enemy. It is our behaviour.  

It can be easy to associate negativity with the food we consume if disordered eating is the coping strategy that we adopt or the comfort blanket that we can just not drop. I know I keep saying it but food isn’t the enemy. Food is more the medicine to fix broken bodies and broken minds. Calories are not the be all and end all, I’m now going to incorporate a cheesy mantra ‘our bodies are a temple’ and temples are sacred and holy things. They are not meant to be destructed or destroyed. So if our body is a temple we should be filling it with good things and good behaviours. When I say good things (this can totally include yummy, sweet, delicious, carbilicious foods) it’s just all about moderation (insert that sassy girl emoji right here) If you want to eat a cheese burger you go for it, if you want sweet sugary treat stuff every now and then… go for it! Food isn’t the enemy it’s how we treat it and view it that is. Food is harmless, well unless you’ve ever swallowed a chicken bone or started choking on popcorn or have a severe allergy (it might not be so harmless in these cases) BUT you get my drift. I’m going to totally use a brilliant meme right now…

Just go with it (I’m basically trying to say food is friend and not the enemy) but I really wanted to incorporate a Finding Nemo quote somewhere on Charzweb) Goal achieved 😉

Humour me guys, I’m just a big kid who wants to use film lines in her posts when it’s sort of apt! So this is just a wee little reminder to ourselves that FOOD IS FRIEND… say it with me ‘Food is friend’ yay we can all be foody friends and eat what we want in moderation! Believe me after years of avoiding meat and carbs and A  LOT… developing a healthy relationship with food is key to a life of tasty dishes and desserts 😉

So my little web makers, I hope you ALL feel GOOD this friday and eat whatever the hell you want because 1. it is the weekend and 2. you are blooming fabulous and 3. FOOD IS FRIEND wooooo!

Until next time



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