Sunday antics

Afternoon little web makers! 

How are we all this fine Sunday? This is going to be fairly short and sweet! I’ve had a lovely couple of days with my love (I’m such a Guernsey girl apparently ;)…) Every time I see him I just instantly fall for his dreamy-ness even more #SorryNotSorry It’s been lovely just spending quality time with him, I cannot articulate how happy and at ease he makes me feel. I am a lucky girl! We had a delicious roast cooked by his dad and tasty apple strudel and of course red wine! We spent last night together watching re runs of Only Fools and Horses whilst drinking a bottle of red and I had baileys. It was fun just being with each other! You can see a reoccurring theme here… Will makes me happy yada yada but it’s completely true. He dropped me back here and said hey to the family and saw my sassy tabby cat (Bella) who of course was showing off and being her usual sassy self! We are spending tomorrow together we will decide what we want to do depending on the weather! I’m sure whatever we decide to do will be fun and enjoyable (I mean we some how manage to have fun sat in our pjs watching crappy but blooming brilliant youtube videos!) I know this was super short and sweet but there’s nothing more to say except that I am a happy little lady who is leading a completely dreamy and happy life and loves every single wonderful person that is in it!

This is actually Will’s photo but it’s kinda cute and shows that we are both in the big eye brigade woohoo!

Anyway that’s enough for today. I may just hit the 300 mark if I continue to ramble (woo) I did it!

Until next time



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