Meaningful Monday with someone who means a lot.

Good evening web makers! It hasn’t been a fine day so I’ll scrap that! It’s a Monday so you know what that means… it’s time to get all meaningful and cute!

I bet you’ll never guess who I spent the day with… Will! Woohoo it’s brilliant having your boyfriend so incredibly close. I absolutely love spending time with him. Whatever we end up doing we always have a great time and have a laugh. After all who really wants to be mature and serious when life is so unpredictable anyway! The weather was shockingly bad today but this didn’t stop us (albeit it made us opt for indoor activities) but still nevertheless we had fun! He picked me up and off we headed to the Bowl which took an age due to the stupid road works that are along the front! We got there and chose to play two games, there was a bit of a queue so we of course went to the pub to get an alcoholic beverage… we wouldn’t be us if alcohol didn’t play a part! Will obviously bought me Pimms and he had an ale! We were called to our lane and off we went to bowl. My technique and Will’s technique differed some what… I adopt the drop and slowly roll (always down the middle) and he get’s very into it and it’s all about speed! It was fun though, it’s just nice to play a game with someone who is encouraging and lovely instead of someone who critisises my technique! I somehow won the first game (with the help of a technical fault and a shot from Will) and Will won the second game by a fair amount! We were going to grab a bite to eat there but decided to go else where! We thought we’d try a local chippy but it was closed so we headed to a nearby beach kiosk (which took an age to get to due to the blooming traffic). We literally got there in the nick of time because they closed at 4 and we ordered two portions of chips and cheese! The wind was horrendous and we were both nearly blown away whilst waiting for our chips to cook! We then headed back to the safety of the car and sat and ate our cheesy goodness before deciding what we should do next! Our hearts won and we decided that a local pub was our best bet! So off we went to Cobo to the Rockmount where I had another Pimms (with all the trimmings) and he had an ale! We just sat, chatted, spoke about other plans and enjoyed each others company and cuddled. We are a pair of soppies. We then decided to hop back in the car to head back to mine and we went a very scenic way which was rather cute! I’m now at home and Will has gone for a mexican night! The weather has been horrendous which stopped us from having our supposed date day picnic on the beach or geocaching adventures! Maybe another day we will manage to find a few cheeky caches! Today has been lovely. I have had a very meaningful day with someone who means a lot to me.

How has your monday been meaningful?

Until next time!




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