Travel Tuesday: Antigua

Morning spiderlings! Today is Tuesday so we all know what that means! It’s time for a travel Tuesday! Today’s dreamy and exotic destination is Antigua! So let’s dive head first into some more crystal clear bath like water shall we?Β 

The flag of Antigua!
The flag of Antigua!

We chose to take a one day tour around the island which in turn showed us some of the most famous landmarks and sights that the island has to offer! The population of Antigua and Barbuda in 2013 was roughly 89,985. We docked in the capital of the island called St Johns and hopped on board our air conditioned coach for the day!

This is the view coming into Antigua (we were coming in fairly early in the morning)
Antigua, is 21 km (about a dozen miles) across and 281 kmΒ² (about a hundred square miles) in area.
The port is incredibly colourful and bright!

We drove past remnants of old sugar mills and neighbouring villages! Antigua is a very lush and hilly island, we drove through several different areas as we made our way to the famous landmark called Shirley Heights which offers an incredible view!

One of the areas in Antigua (the houses are fairly simple and the roads are questionable at time!)
The rolling green hills.
A remnant of a once thriving sugar mill! The Caribbean are known for their past in the sugar industry!
The first church to be built on the island.
A first glimpse of the sea near the harbour!
The locals and bright colourful houses!

We arrived at Shirley Heights and it’s safe to say that It is without doubt the most famous view on the island, Shirley Heights is located within the National Park which overlooks the English and Falmouth Harbours. There is even the opportunity to stop for food and on a Sunday for the last 25th years it is home to the biggest party on the island!





We then headed to Nelsons Dockyard which was named after the famous Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson. It was built in 1725 in order to provide a base for ships patrolling the West Indies in order to protect England sea power!

On our way to the dockyard!
One of the buildings at Nelsons Dockyard.
Where the boats are docked and kept

20120106_122448 20120106_120710

It was really fun exploring the dockyard and hearing about some of the history surrounding it’s existence! The weather was beautiful as you may be able to tell and a cold beverage was very much appreciated! Once we’d seen all that the historic sight had to offer we got back on the coach and headed back to St Johns but we passed a lot of our way!

A typical school in Antigua (note the familiar painting on the wall!)
We then wandered around some of the small shops before heading back to the ship! All the shops were colourful and adorable!
Whilst we waited to board the boat we listened to a beautiful group of steel drum players! I absolutely love the calm vibes of the caribbean and especially the steel drums!

Antigua is an extraordinary place! It is full of history and things to see and do! It is a little piece of paradise in the sparkling Caribbean waters! If you ever get the chance definitely check out what the island has to offer!

Until next time



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