Wednesday (probably early Thursday musings)

Good evening or should I say good morning by the time this post goes up! I hope we all had a splendid day! Today has been pretty chilled with crappy TV shows, running errands, chilling out with the boy and delicious food! It has been good!

My day started off fairly early! Since developing a potential pet allergy I am finding it increasingly hard to sleep well at home! I wake up incredibly sniffly and with cold like symptoms! Anyway I woke up pretty early and headed down stairs did the usual visit to the bathroom where I applied honey face cream to my face (on an open sore) oh my word didn’t it hurt! I let it settle in before hopping in th shower (mum finally got my usual shampoo! Hooray!) I’m deciding whether to let my natural colour grow out which means my hair would potentially go ombrΓ© as it grew and the colour worked its way out! The problem is I am a student and it is a costly procedure to get full foils at my hair dressers! It’s upwards of Β£130 which in my books is a lot! So I may just decide to grow it out and go au natural! Anyway so once is showered I put the kettle on and had the obligatory cup of tea and a mini chicken Kiev from the fridge (what a strange breakfast I know) and I got ready and dressed for the day! The weather was once again shocking so I thought oh I’ll opt for winter clothes! I regretted my decision because it brightened up in the afternoon when Will arrived and I was boiling! I will include a photo when I’m on my laptop but I was very wintery in suede grey boots, green tweed coat, jeans and a Nordic print scarf! So i boiled when the weather cheered up! I had a nice relaxing morning running a few errands in the house and doing some colouring in my ‘adult colouring book’ it’s so therapeutic and relaxing! I’d highly recommend it! Will’s bed pretty much swallowed him up and he had a lot of errands to run as well! My family barbecue which is in aid of celebrating my 21st and my mums 50th is on Sunday and his family barbecue is on the Monday! So there are a lot of upcoming barbecues to be consumed! Will arrived and got me and off we went on our errand run! First stop was to price up whisky prices in a supermarket but it was too pricy so on to the butchers to pick up some meat! It was a bit of a disaster because we couldn’t quite figure out where it was and I was adamant it was still where it used to be when I was a little girl (which was a long time ago now!) as per usual Will was right. Not surprising really! So we picked up the meat and headed back to put it in the freezer! Then off we went to another supermarket to price up whisky and meat! Once again we left without anything as the meat choices were shocking and the whisky was pricey! Our final shop was waitrose where low and behold Will’s choice of whisky was on offer! Hooray! We also abused the waitrose card and picked up the free coffee before heading back to his where we just chilled. I love chilling with him, it’s what we are used to when we are at his and when he is at mine! We spent the afternoon together before he dropped me back at mine and he went back to his! I got back home and saw a huge pile of alcohol and shopping sitting in the kitchen but I couldn’t see my parents anywhere! Anyway they arrived back home and we filled both the upstairs and downstairs kitchen with barbecue essentials! We also put a load of alcohol downstairs ready for Sunday and put the drinks that needed to be kept cool in the fridge! My parents had actually ordered a Chinese for tea so I attempted to eat a little bit of that but was defeated fairly quickly! Wednesday means one think GBBO! The great British bake off woohoo! Β I love that show and I always watch it with mumsie! She was a babe and gave me a foot rub and made me finish off the bottle of white wine (I’m not a fan…) and she made a cup of tea! It’s been a pretty chilled day and now I am lying in bed with bell about to head to the land of nod hopefully! I’m sorry this had been a fairly boring post! The weekend will be action packed and fun! Thank you to my new spiderlings for joining my net! You wonderful web makers you! anyway I’m sleepy!

until next time



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