Feel good friday: embracing our quirks and flaws!

Morning little web makers!

I’ve taken a big leap in the world of blogging and have set this post to go live without me pressing the publish button. Wow oh wow. So for todays ‘feel good friday’ we shall be addressing how we should be embracing our quirks and flaws instead of shaming and hiding them away from society. I have quirks, you have quirks we all basically have quirks and flaws! There is no one in the whole entire planet who is perfect and flawless because perfection doesn’t exist. My idea of perfect would differ to yours and so on! It’s not a universal thing so to speak! I have a lot of quirks and seeing as we are being honest about EVERYTHING let me tell you all about them because I want to be real so others can relate! I have an incredibly short body, which is something I am conscious of! I am aware that most of my body is made up from legs, chest and extremities! I wish I had a longer body so I would be more evenly distributed BUT this is just one of my quirks. I’m about 5ft when I sit down and 5ft 7> when I stand up! BUT it’s ok because we are ALL going to actively embrace our quirks right my little webblings?

So I have a short body and a wonky spine (which causes me to have a short body) so my back isn’t symmetrical, it isn’t perfectly straight, it’s a tad diseased and it causes one rib to stick our more than the other… guess what it’s one of my many quirks! People grow to love your quirks and if they point them out and talk about them negatively then they are genuinely not worth your time or your friendship! I spent years covering my back in big baggy tops (I still do at times) but I realised that by covering it the problem/flaw/quirk does not go away.  You may be thinking so what? So what Char I have a lot more quirks than that (oh believe me so do I…) My long healthy and well-loved legs are also flawed because they are not straight and I spent years at special foot doctors who would come over from the UK to assess the damage and I would cry when I would try on school shoes which didn’t fit in my blooming awful shoe supports! My childhood at times was dramatic. I always had to have ugly shoes to accommodate the un-comfy supports! I was called penguin legs and told that I was disabled… oh boy kids can be mean! I also have next to no muscle in my arms and my legs and I’m called flopsy for a reason… I have no muscle in my neck which is another quirk of mine… I have a lot! I’ve been told that because of my diseased spine I’m most likely going to get osteoporosis in my spine BUT that’s ok.

We are all flawed in some way or other. I may not have a huge bum but I have boobs. I may not have straight legs or spine but I can live my life the way I want to. I may have next to no body but I am still alive and kicking! I may have the flattest feet in the world but I can walk and see the beautiful sights! If I was in a car crash I may have severe whiplash due to my lack of muscle but I can still (just about hold my head up… most of the time!) I may have super duper thin hair and a pretty shoddy immune system but I can still make my life dreamy and fun! The point of this post is that our quirks and flaws DO NOT define us, they are a part of us but they do not ultimately define who we are! We all dislike bits about us and people will unfortunately home in on them but we are stronger than any negative words that are thrown at us! So this friday I encourage you to love all your flaws, to love your bits that don’t live up to societies expectation! I’m learning to love my little quirky and completely flawed body! So why don’t you!


Until next time



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