Garden party antics: pre twenty first celebrations and fiftieth celebrations

Good evening my little web makers! How are we all this Sunday?

Today has been a pretty busy day! It started off with the alarm going off at 8:30am, to be collected at 9:50am and to be taken back home where we all had to put up the renowned ‘event tent’ for the garden party which is in aid of celebrating my twenty first and my mums fiftieth! It was pretty hectic running around with various poles, bunting, balloons, streamers and garlands! I’m pleased to report that I managed to decorate my garden with the DIY decorations I had made! It was mostly a sunny day with one rainy shower and we all managed to sit outside under the tent which was nice! I was really pleased with how the garden looked once me (mostly Will) had sussed out what looked good and what didn’t look good! It was a lovely day and everyone appeared to have a nice time! A lot of pimms was consumed and yummy BBQ food! So without further a do I shall show you all how the garden looked once decorated!

21st and 50th balloons, newspaper bunting and a 21st banner!
The event tent where it all took place!
50th banner, newspaper bunting and cloud garlands!
We also had fairy lights!
Cloud garland and streamers!
Newspaper bunting hanging on the line!


Will showing his artistic flair!
streamers and balloons!
Helium balloons!
The event tent decorated with streamers and balloons!
paper chains and streamers
A photo board through the ages!

Everyone had a good time, there was a lot of laughter, mayhem, mischief and chaos throughout the afternoon and into the early evening! Everybody sang happy birthday, took photos and smiled and laughed and memories were made!

We all had a lovely times! A quick cheeky selfie of me and the love (I look about 10…)
squinty eyes but cherished memories!
The world is hers to explore! Much fun was had by all!

It really was a lovely afternoon! I had a lovely time celebrating my pre twenty first and my mums belated 50th! I hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of the photos and the decorations!

Until next time!



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