Blogging block fuelled by sadness (most probably)

Evening little web makers! I’ve been hit with blogging block and as the title suggests it’s most probably because I’m a little bit sad. I feel a little bit ‘meh’ (urban dictionary it) about this whole blog and about going back to university! I’m excited about the course but I really dislike my flat and it’s just going to be very different. I started this blog in the summer months when it was all fun, frolics and dreamy adventures (even though there will be many more dreamy adventures to come) I’m just feeling a little bit lost and overwhelmed with it all. I said goodbye (temporarily) to Will yesterday as we dropped him off at the airport, it was inevitable that I would have had to say bye at some point but it’s just hard because he really is one in a million and he just gets me, makes me happy and smile and most importantly I can ALWAYS have fun with him! I didn’t think it would be that hard to say goodbye to someone when I know I’m going to see him in two weeks for my twenty first birthday but never the less my heart was a little sad to see my love walk into the airport. I really am struggling with knowing what to say, it’s just one of those days where I’d rather put my laptop down and curl up on the sofa with a mug of tea and watch the Great British Bake Off and Don’t tell the bride! I’ve tried to do some productive things such as my scrapbook and printing off pictures for my bedroom of my nearest and dearest but I just seem to lack the motivation to complete anything. I also got next to no sleep last night so that probably doesn’t help and it’s that ‘time’ where I find myself crying at the news about a dog who has not had a home for 11 years. I still have teary eyes now. Poor Maggie. If I was allowed a dog in my uni flat I’d snap you up in a heart beat. This is such a darn awful blog post. I apologise about the lack of dreaminess and witt. I’m all out of it today I’m afraid! On another note the boat is booked so I am heading back to the rolling hills of south yorkshire in less than two weeks! Where has the time gone!?! To try and cheer this post up a little but let’s talk about the glorious weather we have been having! I have picked up quite a tan from my day on Herm and from general sitting around in the gorgeous sunshine. It was so warm and lovely today that I decided to go with a dress (even though my legs are covered in mysterious bruises!?) I’ve had a pretty uneventful day! I watched the National Lampoons Vacation, ate some soggy fruit, napped, walked to the supermarket to get lunch before walking to the hair dressers to meet my mum, sat on a wall eating my purchases, waited for my mum, booked the boat, printed off pictures, ate dinner, picked up my laptop and started browsing all my social media’s! All in all it was a very average day! The most exciting thing today will most likely be the Bake Off and maybe a slice of my birthday cake which I am yet to taste! It’s chocolate, it should be good! Will has been bombarded with emails which was a real come back to reality poor guy! I would happily make him tea and coffee if I was there! Anyway I’m going to call it a day! I aim to start my photo frame collage tonight and to finish it by tomorrow if all runs to plan (i.e. the glass doesn’t break like it has in all three previous frames!)

Casually having my yogurt on a wall on a main road (no cares!)
Here have an awful selfie on my wall.

I hope you all had a good day

Until next time



4 thoughts on “Blogging block fuelled by sadness (most probably)

  1. Not even exaggerating, but I had tears in my eyes as I read your post because your sadness was coming out very strongly through your writing and it reminded me of how sad I feel when my boyfriend leaves (I get to be with him next Sunday though<3)

    I hope you start feeling better tomorrow 🙂


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