Thankful Thursday!

Afternoon little webblings! How are we all this fine Thursday?

So what am I thankful for this Thursday? Well as always I am thankful for quite a lot of things! This week in particular I am incredibly thankful for my family! We hosted a family BBQ on Sunday and a lot of our family members attended and we had a really lovely time! So I am thankful for my wonderful, slightly crazy but wonderful family, close and extended may I add! I’m also thankful for all my birthdays gifts which I have been given prior to my birthday! I am thankful for the cards, balloons, alcohol, jewellery and homeΒ ware! I am thankful for the memories that have been made through this event!

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I am also thankful for the time spent with my wonderful boyfriend and I’m thankful that his family were ever so welcoming and made me feel completely at ease. I’m thankful for every loving warm embrace and sweet little comment or gesture and for every cheeky comment made by Will!


I am thankful for this glorious weather! I am thankful that I live on such an amazing island with so many pretty things to see (not quite so many things to do may I add!)


I’m thankful for beautiful shores that are not far away from home (Herm) it’s a beautiful little island!


I’m thankful that fourth time lucky my glass for my photo frame did not shatter and I now have a beautiful collage consisting of my nearest and dearest!


  • I’m thankful that I get to stay at home a little longer and that I get to spend a week or so with my family before I head back to the UK!
  • I’m thankful for the sun which has given me a lovely tan (I’m not even bothered about my tan lines to be quite honest!)
  • I am thankful for brilliant TV shows such as The Great British Bake Off and Don’t Tell The Bride!
  • I am thankful for tasty food such as my personalised chocolate birthday cake!

I’m feeling a lot more productive and thankful today and I hope this transpires through my writing! So what are my dear little web makers thankful for this Thursday?



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