Feel good Friday: setting realistic goals!

Morning my little web makers! How are we all this fine Friday?

It’s a Friday so we all know what that means queue a positive and upbeat post! Todays topic of discussion is about setting realistic goals! It’s a well-known fact that we are ALL guilt of setting unattainable goals! For example take new years resolutions for example, how many of us actually keep to them? It’s really easy to say we’ll be a certain size or weight at a certain time of year but things can and do get in the way! It is possible to achieve it if we put out minds to it but we also need to be realistic! It is easy to let things get out of control and let life get in the way from achieving your goals so one must be proactive! I have decided to set myself some realistic goals which should hopefully become part of my lifestyle! I have incredibly weak arms and I really want to build some muscle and to tone them! I also want to tone my stomach and just generally tone my body all over so I have vowed to do some sort of toning workout every morning and every night! Fifteen minutes in the morning which works my legs, waist, hips, chest, arms and thighs and the same again in the evening! I also plan (when I’m back in Sheffield to go on walks and instead of procrastinating actually get my blood pumping and legs moving! I’m doing it for myself because I want to be the healthiest I can possibly be! This time it is not about calories and deficits (although I wouldn’t mind dropping a bit of weight) it is about being a happier and healthier version of myself! I’m about to hit 21 in a few weeks time and I want my 21st/22nd year of life to be one amazing experience and I also want to be physically stronger! I have most definitely become mentally stronger over the last year months and I am starting to be happy in the skin I am in! That is a big old statement for little old me! So that is my goal to become fitter and healthier and to tone! I don’t think this is an unrealistic goal at all! So by Christmas I am going to try to tone up and Will is also getting some goals that he hopes to achieve by christmas! As will said diet is 70% of the work so I am obviously going to have to watch what I eat but still have yummy food if I want it but the key word is moderation! I am feeling pretty motivated! I’m motivated to succeed in my studies and I am motivated to succeed with my working out! So the steps to success are as follows

  • Set realistic goals
  • Be kind to yourself and to others
  • Do everything in moderation
  • Do not let it consume your whole life, that’s when problems occur!
This is the key to success! It’s all about those baby steps!



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