Blogging schedule

Good morning my little spiderlings! It’s a Saturday and I lack a theme for a Saturday so I am going to take this opportunity to take you through my weekly plan for my little webosphere! I have found that consistency is key! So the key to my blogging ‘success’… *cough* is to be consistent! I have a solid Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and now Friday theme so I just need to think of something for Wednesday and the weekend! I am thinking about letting the weekend be more of a free for all where I get to tell you all about dreamy things and share instagram worthy snaps! So let’s go through a week in the life of Charzweb shall we!

  • Monday- Meaningful Monday- it’s basically where I get to share about how wonderful life is and how blessed I am to share this crazy adventure with people who mean so much! Here is an example of a ‘Meaningful Monday’
  • Tuesday- Travel Tuesday, a post where I metaphorically dive into exotic waters and tell you all about my dreamy and wonderful adventures that I have had all over the world (there will be more to come… keep an eye on this web!) example here!
  • Thursday- Thankful Thursday- Another opportunity to express my gratefulness for life, for where I live, for people and for things! I’m a very thankful person these days! Example here!
  • Friday- My relatively new ‘Feel Good Friday’- a time where I insist you all love the skin you are in and to embrace flaws and to not give a flying **** about what others think! Example here!

So that is my current bloggingΒ schedule! So the only week day I lack is a Wednesday and since I’ve set myself some goals I feel like it may be possible to make Wednesday a ‘Work out Wednesday’ and alternate it with the popular ‘what I eat Wednesday’ I shall give it a go and see if you little web makers enjoy reading about such things! I feel like the weekend is meant for relaxing and chilling so maybe it would be wise to keep Saturday and Sunday for everything and anything! It can be the days I blog about geocaching, nights out, adventures with the boyfriend and family and so forth! So the final run through of Charzweb will go like this…

  • Meaningful Monday
  • Travel Tuesday
  • Work out Wednesday/What I eat Wednesday
  • Thankful Thursday
  • Feel good Friday
  • Everything and anything Saturday
  • Everything and anything Sunday

So how does this sound to you all! I really appreciate every single one of you that takes time to read my content therefore it is important to me that my posts are ‘interesting’ and readable! I’m in a very motivated mood to organise and sort everything out (and my blog is part of my daily activities so it matters to me that there is regular content to read) I’m thinking Saturday and Sunday could also be a chance for a musing because some of you quite enjoy my rambling musings! It would mean a lot if you could tell me your thoughts on myΒ schedule!

Get Organized


2 thoughts on “Blogging schedule

  1. Your schedule is fantastic. I love the themed days. I love the ramblings,your full of positivity, zest for life, gratefullnes and I feel uplifted and share in your delights. It’s very refreshing. ☺


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