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What I was given for my 21st Birthday part 1!

Good evening my wonderful little web makers! How are we all this Sunday? I received some feed back about my blogging schedule and it was positive so I’m going to be presumptuous and assume you are all happy with how this little webosphere is running? So anyway the general house keeping notice and admin bit is out the way! So let’s jump right in to my little mound of presents! I am a VERY lucky girl! I feel like I need to first explain when my actual birthday is and the logistics and factors which means I have to celebrate earlier on with my family! I am actually turning twenty-one on the twenty-first of September (such irony I know… if only it was 2021!) I am however heading back to the rolling hills of South Yorkshire on the fifteenth of September! Home is in Guernsey which is a small island off the coast of France and obviously my family will not be in Sheffield for my birthday therefore we have had early birthday celebrations and present givings! I hope that makes sense webblings!

I was incredibly lucky with what I received and let me say I am extremely grateful for all that I have received so far! I also have quite a lot of money that has come in cards but I am going to open my cards on my actual birthday I have decided! My parents decided that because I was turning twenty-one they would buy me twenty-one presents! I have had 16 so far so I have another five next week which is something to look forward to! I shall first go through what my wonderful parents got me!

Look how beautifully wrapped they are!
Literal princess shoes! I am in love with these gorgeous Disney princess Vans! They are gorgeous, comfy and so me! I haven’t got much else to add except they are bloody magical and I will be wearing these a lot!!!
I am officially an adult now that I am the proud owner of a picnic set… Yes I’m going to be 21 BUT HOW DREAMY IS THIS! I love the colour yellow for home ware and it’s in a gorgeous print (paradise field) and it comes with two of everything and has room for food and wine etc! I also purchased a picnic rug in a little outlet store in the Peak District so stay tuned for dreamy picnic adventures in the future! Oh and if you couldn’t tell this is from Cath Kidston!
These are hilarious and also incredibly cute and very high quality! Two spooning themed pillow cases to match my bedding! I believe these are from Notonthehighstreet!
I was given a lot of fancy pants (quite literally) from my parents which are lovely but it feels a tad weird to show you my underwear… They also bought me bras which are super pretty but not on display haha! I was also given a 21st mug (with the word awesome… because I am OBSESSED with the Lego Movie) I was given lipsticks and foundations (which can be seen in the photograph)
My parents also gave me beauty items, electrical items, smellies, sentimental bits and pieces, perfume which is really yummy (Calvin Klein- Beauty) and money! I was given an awful lot! Part of my present is also a new Macbook which I will be getting back in the UK! Also we are going on a trip to Canada to celebrate my 21st, Mum’s 50th and their 25th wedding anniversary. We will be travelling across the Rockies in a train which will then be followed by a cruise around Alaska!
This isn’t a very clear photograph but I was given a cute bear holding a two and a one from my Dad’s mum (Gran) along with money! I was given three gorgeous pairs of silver earrings (one was round, one was a small delicate heart and one pair (black box) are sphere and sparkly! I was also given a gorgeous crystal encrusted bangle from my Dad’s side of the family along with money and bottles of wine! From my cousin and her husband and daughter I was given a gorgeous photo album, earrings, money, a delicious box of chocolates, a gorgeous scarf from whitestuff and stationary (which will be visible in another photograph)
Those are a cheeky shot of my lacy underwear, here is the really unique and gorgeous scarf I was given along with my perfume, earrings and I was also given a lovely 21st photo frame which matches my room perfectly! My sweet Gran also very generously gave me a cheque alongside the frame and earrings!
My auntie and her partner gave me this beautiful hamper filled with goodies! I have a lindt chocolate flower bouquet, a 21st chocolate bottle, Cath Kidston bits and pieces, a mug filled with mini mallows, a smelly set, more chocolates (I am such a girl), nails files and a whole lot more! It comes in a beautiful basket which I will be using in my uni room without a doubt!

I have been a very lucky girl! I am so very grateful for everything that I have received and all the money that has been lovingly given to me! I have a few more presents to come and I might take close up photographs of the jewellery because these really do not give them justice! I am extremely excited about turning twenty-one! I am hoping that this is going to be one magical and dreamy year of my life! So now all that’s left to do is ship all these beautiful items back over to the UK with me! I was given a couple of items earlier which I have forgotten to include but I shall add them to part two of my 21st birthday blog ‘haul’

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at what I got! I shall be back tomorrow for a ‘Meaningful Monday’

Love and hugs



5 thoughts on “What I was given for my 21st Birthday part 1!

  1. What a great idea my Daughter turns 21 and my son 18, next year so it’s lovely to have ideas. I love the idea of 21 presents. It’s also so refreshing yet again to see how truly greatful you are. 21 IS a special year! All the very best to you and yours. Keep smiling


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