Travel Tuesday: Minorca!

Good morning little webblings! It’s time for a ‘Travel Tuesday’ for todays destination we are metaphorically diving into spanish water (which means cold waters basically) and we will be travelling to the one of the Balearic Islands! It is located in the Mediterranean sea and has a population of 94,383! Menorca (Minorca) actually translated to ‘Windy Island’ as it is fairly flat all over except for Monte Toro which is Minorca’s highest mountain! It is a relatively short plane ride away from the UK, just over two hours from London! Another fun fact for you all is that Minorca is the first place in spain to see the sunrise every day! I’m going to jump right in with some pictures! *Just a little warning* these pictures were NOT taken with a glossy camera like the Caribbean ones so they are a tad grainy!

We stayed in the Hotel Princesa Playa! It is approximately 300 metres from Son Xoriguer Beach and around 800 metres from the beautiful Cala’n Bosch marina. The hotel was beautiful with options to hire apartments or to stay in the hotel. There was evening entertainment every single night, the pool was gorgeous and it was never too crowded and really was quite luxurious! I would highly recommend this hotel!


Cala’n Bosch marina itself is incredibly beautiful! It is full of beautiful restaurants and boutique type shops and boats that one can only dream of! It’s a beautiful place just to sit and watch the world pass you by!


We hired a bike and cycled around the marina!



Cala’n Bosch beach!



We actually hired a bike and cycled around the marina and the general area before we stopped for a bite to eat and a drink and watched the world pass us by as we basked in the sun! We popped to Cala’n Bosch beach where we dipped our toes into the sea but it was far too cold for us!

On one of the days we made a day trip to Ciutadella which is one of the primary cities in the island! It is very picturesque and beautiful and we spent the day wandering around enjoying the sights and trying some local cuisine along the way!

Police station and quaint things below!
Colourful buildings, which I love!
Overview of the small marina in Ciutadella!
Restaurants and boutiques!
Boats and white houses!
Ciutadella Police station
Beautiful spanish streets

Ciutadella really is a beautiful town to visit on the island! On our other days we explored what else there was to offer on the island which involved a trip to the beautiful caves of Xoroi! There has even been a nightclub built into the caves which in the day time serves coffee and in the nighttime it turns into a unique nightclub!



The Caves of Xoroi are incredibly beautiful! It is questionable how safe it is to have a night club in such a ‘dangerous’ place but it is still incredible!

On other days we headed to Monte Toro which is the islands highest mountain which has a monastery situated on top of the mountain! There is a beautiful view from the top which looks all over the island! At the top there is also a restaurant and a gift shop and the parking is free!

Many believe the Monte Toro is the spiritual centre of Minorca. This statue is ‘Jesus of the sacred heart’.
Inside the restored monastery.

The views from the top of Monte Toro:




It was quite a beautiful sight but it didn’t live up to my expectations as this mountain really isn’t that tall in term of mountains that I have been to!

We went on an excursion to a famous estate house where we had cheese and wine tasting! The house also boasted beautiful gardens and a statue garden!

64993_1623005182666_7004618_n 64993_1623005142665_5479445_n 64993_1623005102664_1759617_n 64993_1623005222667_2292714_n

We also visited Cala Macarelleta which has the beautiful port of Mahon! There are quite a lot of hotels along that beach and it really is a beautiful little place!

71710_1622998822507_3339885_n 71710_1622998782506_2995293_n 71710_1622998742505_4246214_n

We also visited the quaint fishing village of Fornells, which is much quieter instead of the livelyCala’n Bosch marina! It really has a peaceful and chilled vibe to it and it seems to be an undisturbed section of Minorca!




It is a natural harbour (not man made unlike Cala’n Bosch marina) It only boasts a population of roughly 1000 people but numbers pick up in the summer months due to tourism! It is famous for using traditional Minorcan fishing craft in order to fish for lobsters!


Minorca is a really beautiful island and it is much quieter than it’s sister island Majorca! It has quite a classy feel to it and it has far less to do than it’s sister island so it manages to retain it’s quaint spanish feel! I had a wonderful time exploring what this gorgeous little island in the Med had to offer! If you ever want to visit the Balearic Islands I most definitely put Minorca forward as a worthy contender! I hope you enjoyed hearing about this dreamy island in the Med!

Until next time

Love and hugs



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