Thankful Thursday!

Morning little web makers! I apologise for the double post (technology let me down) it’s a Thursday and I am thankful! So let’s get straight to the point, go go go!


So lets start with the top left corner, I am thankful for beautiful sunny days, the type of days where I can each my lunch outside and watch the world pass me by! Top row (middle), I am eternally grateful for having such wonderful parents who love me unconditionally, are my biggest cheerleaders and who are ultimately my BFF’S I’m such a teenager… Top right corner, WONDERFUL SEA FOOD COME AT ME BRAH! There is one thing that I miss at university, fresh seafood! Oh my word I have been craving Moules et Frites for months and months and I finally got them at a local restaurant on Tuesday evening! My dad was given some vouchers for a meal by some family friends so we decided we ought to use them before they expire! Middle row (first left) I am grateful for fun friends who want to have a laugh and a catch up! I am grateful for the glasses of wine that were consumed and the conversations that were shared over some delicious food! Middle (middle) I am grateful for all the gifts I have received since my last post! I am one lucky girl! They are just so me!!! Middle (right) exercising (all though at times I am not so thankful when I strain myself but I have the ability to exercise so that is something to be thankful about! Bottom left, BLOOMING DELICIOUS DESSERT! I love crepes, so very yummy and when they are filled with one of my favourite foods EVER they cannot be faulted. It may stay on my hips but it was worth it for a moment on the lips!!! Bottom middle, I had my hair cut! I absolutely love it! So I am thankful for the talented people at my hairdressers who cut my hair into such lovely styles! I believe change is most definitely a good thing! Finally (bottom right) my Mumma! She is wonderful and there is not much else to add!

Today is also my wonderful dad’s 47th Birthday! So happy birthday to the wonderful man who means a huge deal to me! I love him lots and lots! So I shall leave you all with a photo collage of me, Dadda and Mumma!


What are you thankful for this Thursday?

Love and hugs



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