Work out/What I ate wednesday & a mini musing!

This post never published… ho-hum!

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with a Wednesday (long run) but for now I will do a what I are Wednesday and work out Wednesday (which means it’s more of a day in the life of me)

I woke up around 8:00am, headed down the stairs and went to the bathroom. I then headed into the lounge and did my 17 minute work out which I do every morning and every evening. The workout basically works my waist region, legs, hips, back and arms! It’s an intensity type training so it’s for short bursts! It is recommended that you do each individual exercise 5 times and hold it for ten seconds. The longest exercise is where you have to push through the leg burn and do the exercise 30 times with each leg! You can definitely feel your muscles being used and worked out! I have incredibly weak arms and last friday I set myself some goals…Β This particular work out gives you two intense work outs for your arms (one is above the head) and one is across the chest) Once I had done my exercises it was time for breakfast! I decided to go for a kiwi fruit and a glass of orange juice along with my usual cup of tea! I then phoned the hair dresser and managed to get in for an appointment later that day so lunch was consumed a little later than usual! For lunch I had some left over chicken stew which was very yummy! I then had some granola with honey greek yogurt and for dinner I had baked beans on toast! It was a bit of a random day and I obviously ended my day with the same workout but (the evening edition) which is the same but I do it a lot quicker for some reason!) I forgot to take pictures (whoops!) this post would be A LOT more interesting if I had snapped along the way and I sure as heck wasn’t going to post work out pictures… it’s not the prettiest of sights! I’m not sure I am going to do this every Wednesday because it’s not very me… really! Anyway this is too short and I want to chatter away so here have a musing!

Part two: Mini Musing time! I haven’t written a musing in quite a while! Anyway quite a bit has happened I have been out with friends, been present opening, out for dinners and saying bye to my nearest and dearest! I have been slowly packing my life away in boxes (how sad) I spend my life packing and unpacking! I head back to the UK on Tuesday! I’m ready to jump back into student life! I’m also ready for a cheeky meaty dominoes! I’m quite excited because it’s my big two one in a few days EEEK! Exciting times! so I am heading to the UK in a few days with all my gifts and clothes and various pictures that need to be hung! I don’t even know what else to say so this a rap! I’m sorry for this awful post!



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