Feel good friday: National suicide prevention day

Morning little web makers, how are we all this Friday?

Yesterday was the 10th September which was National Suicide Prevention Day! It is a real issue in this day and age. We are all somehow affected by this controversial topic. Yesterday was the annual prevention day! The charity ‘Mind’ decided to release a few images which are aimed at people who struggle with suicidal behaviours and thoughts. I am not one of these BUT I cannot say the same about everyone else that visits my little webosphere and because I am actively trying to promote a positive mind set about life and our bodies it feels only fair that I recognise that this is a huge struggle for millions of people worldwide. So here is my post acknowledging this controversial topic. I want you all to remember that life is precious and it is short. I want you all to remember that you are fabulous and that you, yes you are loved! I want you all to remember that storm clouds eventually clear, I want you to learn to metaphorically dance in the rain, I want you to start appreciating and loving your life! I don’t want you to belittle those who see no light at the end of their metaphorical tunnel but instead I want us to hold out our hands to those who are losing their grip over slippery rocks.

Screen shot 2015-09-11 at 09.41.24

It is real and it is serious. I don’t feel like I can add much more to this ‘Feel good Friday’ except the images that ‘Mind’ released!

12011403_10153520927518614_4802534657500686993_n 11010551_10153520918933614_8389787218683937821_n 12006236_10153520927563614_7765734136546616814_n 11149457_10153520918943614_7013562702951543285_n

Please seek help if the storm clouds are engulfing your very existence!

Love and hugs



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