taking a break

I’m sorry my little webblings, I just really have been awol for the last couple of days. I just cannot muster up anything worthwhile and it would be a total incoherent mess if I tried. I think it’s best if I take a few days break from blogging (I’ve already missed two days, I will be back, feeling hopefully somewhat more inspired and refreshed and at ease with everything. I appreciate every single one of you but it’s quite a busy and somewhat emotional time and if I’m honest blogging about dreamy life and adventures isn’t my top priority right now! I of course will be back with more ‘fun’ content very soon! I don’t know how many days I’ll be away from my little webosphere but I hope you can bare with while I take this short little break away from my web.

Love and hugs


Wishing you all joy and sparkles ❀