Feel Good Friday: A place to relax!

Good morning my webblings! I am back! It is a Friday so we all know what that means…

This weeks ‘Feel Good Friday’ is going to be about creating a place where you can relax and unwind! It is a well known fact that life is crazy and unexpected and sometimes, just sometimes we all want to hide away from the world and just have some alone time in order to feel good again! It can be quite challenging to have ‘alone time’ when you live in a student residence with five others and share the building with goodness knows how many students who never seem to sleep or turn down the awful music… Despite these challenges I have created a happy little place where I can go for some ‘quieter’ time or just to chill! It is filled with things that mean a lot to me and it is full of happy memories through photo montages, knickknacks and so forth! My place to relax is pretty small! In actual fact Will compares my room to a prison cell but it is a pretty prison cell and students cannot be fussy as I have learnt as of late! So I shall carry on telling you about the things that I do in my room to relax, smells and so forth! I will probably go through in a list order and say what and why such and such is a good thing to have in order to relax! So without further a do let’s get going!

I adore colouring. It is without doubt one of the most therapeutic things going! It is relaxed, passes so much time and I can literally get lost in my little world of colouring goodness! It’s a pretty cheap way to relax and unwind and it seems to be ‘very in’ as the boyfriend would say! I would highly recommend investing in a few and some good pens and pencils and to get lost in dreamy patterns, places and things!
Cushions… I have quite a lot of them BUT I love them. They are so comfy, pleasing and just instantly make my space feel homely and relaxing and you can pop your head in the midst of that mountain of goodness and go to the land of nod! The same goes for blankets (especially fleecy ones) They are so snuggly and really good for keeping warm in those winter months (especially if you are a student on an extremely tight budget!)
Photographs of nearest and dearest! When I’m a little down there’s nothing more that I like to do then reminisce about memories with those that I love! It instantly makes me feel calmer and happier when I am with those people so being able to see them in my ‘happy and relaxed space’ is a very good thing! I absolutely love my picture wall!
Mood lighting never fails to help me relax (I absolutely love fairy lights) they are pretty and really set a nice calming vibe!
CANDLES! I love candles, not only do they make your space smell amazing but there is nothing more relaxing than burning one (even if they are super pretty and have adorable quotes on the lid! This candle in particular smells incredible!
Cute little motivational prints are perfect to have in your relaxed space! They are motivational pretty and are always in sight when all hope is lost!
It’s always good to have some sweet treats! They are good in times of trouble, stress or sadness! Or any occasion really 😉
You can never have too many sweet treats especially if they are gorgeous and pretty and come in a bouquet like this 😉
Incense, very similar to a candle but can make a good alternative. In order to feel relaxed I like my room to smell nice! So it’s an imperative I have nice smelling things in my room to relax and unwind!
Cute forms of organisation and inspirational hanging items! I like to attach notes to these pegs in term time with reminders but seeing as I haven’t started uni yet these cute little hanging messages are what hangs from them along with yes a yankee candle air freshner!
Little reminders of home in your relaxed/chill space is always good! Home is where the heart is after all!
A hot water bottle is a brilliant way to unwind! This is also cute and it really does serve it’s purpose when you feel under the weather and when it’s a little nippy!
Cuddly toys! They are quite similar to pillows and cushions but they are cute, fun to snuggle (yes I still snuggle them at times) and also add a personal element to your space!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at what things I have in my place to relax! I really like my little space of relaxation and Char-ness! I really like it is important to have our own space and we need a place to do that and here is mine! I shall be back tomorrow with a random post (potentially a part two to my twenty first birthday presents!)

Finally thank you for baring with me on my short break! This weekend should be full of dreamy things and adventures!

So until next time

Love and hugs



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