Travel Tuesday: Sunday Peak adventures!

I apologise for going awol. I really haven’t been following my blogging routine so for that I am sorry but I have photos from adventures in the Peaks so that is what I’m going to do!

So without further a do, lets get going!

Will decided to google the nicest places to go on a picnic (our date card for august was to go on a picnic provided by waitrose) it was never nice enough to go so it kind of rolled over into September! Hartington came up on the dreamy place to have a picnic, we popped it into the satnav after getting the food from waitrose and off we went!

We bought an array of food which included: chicken satay, olives, houmous, cocktail sausages, cheese, crackers, beef jerky, sandwiches and juice! It was quite the feast and it of course went in my VERY cute cath kidston picnic bag! You can see it’s dreamyness here

Hartington turned out to be a very small but picturesque village (which also happened to boast a famous old cheese shop (which was clearly a massive perk for two cheese lovers like ourselves!)

It is a fairly small place (much smaller than Bakewell and Hayfield) it was surprisingly busy with tourists and coaches and had a number of public houses and cute country themed shops dotted around the main road in and out of the town.
It was incredibly quaint with thatched buildings, cute vintage bunting, old sash wooden windows and period features of a typical village in Derbyshire! All the little stores looked picture perfect!
They even had a cute little stationary icecream van which sold clotted yorkshire ice cream which looked very yummy!
There were a few B&B’s and holiday cottages scattered throughout and all looked very quaint and picturesque! There was an awful lot of walking trails around which would make it an ideal place for walkers!


This was the famous cheese shop complete with granny! We couldn’t not sample some of it’s fine cheese so we bought a block of mustard cheese which was amazing! If you ever get to go I highly recommend buying something! Me and Will plan to go back and buy more at some point!
There was a small pond in the centre of the village with a few ducks on and benches overlooking it which really added to the cute village vibe!
It was an overcast day but it was still fun nevertheless to explore this little piece of Derbyshire!


This was the village stores and can we just appreciate how beautiful the door is…
I absolutely love this cute blue seating area and the bunting is adorable!


After wandering around Hartington we headed back in the car, loaded the geocaching app and looked for several caches along the way! At each stop we nibbled on food and hopped in and out of the car to retrieve our caching goodness! The Peaks are definitely very relaxing and all you can hear and smell is the animals and their waste…

Some of Wills brothers and sisters…
Believe it or not but this was an actual geocache which was hanging in woodland near a cute little bookshop in the middle of nowhere literally! Will as you can tell looks incredibly happy with his find haha!
One of the caches was hidden in a scout hut car park! It was full of goodies!
We then headed for another cache (two) which was in a wooded area off the main road! We stopped the car hopped out and headed into the unknown. It was so pretty and quiet and a real find! It was incredibly peaceful!


A spot of tree climbing was needed in order to find the first cache! We wandered around and found the second one at the base of another tree a few metres from the first cache! After being a tad silly and exploring the area we headed back to the car to head back to Sheffield!Β 
We of course however stopped at a pub on the way back! It was called the Prince of Wales and Will had a lager and I had a rather delightful hot chocolate!

We had a really enjoyable day (it was sort of for my Birthday) and besides we both love geocaching an awful lot! The card he got me for my birthday really does sum that one up! It was a fun weekend with my love and I enjoyed every moment of it!

Until next time

Love and hugs



5 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Sunday Peak adventures!

  1. Muddy mum September 22, 2015 / 7:14 pm

    It’s good to have a blogging break sometimes. I’ve been having a really big one! πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ
    Looks a fabulous trip. I’m desperate for a trip away somewhere.


    • Charlotte Wilkinson September 23, 2015 / 8:01 am

      I agree! It’s just sometimes needed isn’t it! It was a fun trip! I hope you manage to escape soon πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

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