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Meaningful Monday: weekend adventures with Will part one!

I have realised that there is just NO way I can post every day with uni and other commitments but nevertheless I will stick to my routine whenever I do post

This weekend has also been dreamy! I’ve been having such lovely weekend as of late! I love spending time with Will, we just get each other and enjoy doing the things we do and like to visit new places, learn new things and go on adventures! I have been very lucky to have spent as much time as I have done with my lovely one! This weekend involved geocaching around my local area and a very educational but dreamy trip to York so without further a do I shall spam you all with photograph upon photograph! I’m most likely going to split it into parts!

Part one:

On Saturday me and Will headed out to find some caches in the area I live! We of course headed to the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Sheffield and wandered around the glorious plants, tress and wildlife! It was so quiet and relaxing and it is a real gem right on my doorstep! We opened the caching app and off we went! We went via tesco to pick up a sandwich and then we found a bench and sat down and ate before we started our geocaching adventures!

Sheffield Botanical Gardens are surprisingly large yet incredibly beautiful!
Our first cache was to do with this fossilised tree, in order to receive the cache you had to answer several questions about the tree, it’s history, appearance and use! It was quite fun scavenging around for clues in order to ask it! It’s quite an educational place to visit if you ever get the chance!
Sheffield is known for it’s hills but it just makes this place even more magical and magnificent because it is so undisturbed and well maintained and beautiful! It is definitely a place to go when you need to gather your thoughts!
There was a lot of old historical trees which had plaques explaining their importance and significance and it went into great deal how their state has changed over time due to the changes the Steel City has faced over the years!
Sheffield is actually the greenest city in the UK, this place is brimming with different species of plants and trees! I just love how incredibly lush this city is! It’s just extremely pretty! I love the contrast of the red token tree against all the other shades of green!
There are flowers absolutely everywhere and they are buzzing with life (I hope you got my bee pun) and they just look and smell absolutely amazing! I absolutely love flowers in my opinion they literally brighten up your day!
Yet more beautiful foliage and flowers growing alongside the cute little bark paths!
An example of the incredibly tame and friendly wildlife that reside there!
Yes… even more greenery! It’s just so tranquil and pretty and a really nice place to visit for a ‘romantic’ stroll or geocaching sesh 😉
More flowers, flowers in an absolute abundance!
It is just stunning.
Finally here is will getting down with nature and embracing how beautiful it is! It was an incredibly meaningful place to go with an incredibly meaningful person who never fails to make me smile!

After exploring the beautiful gardens we then headed to a little wooded area not far from where I live to retrieve another geocache!

I have to admit it wasn’t half as pretty as the gardens but me and Will both agree that geo caching takes you places that you just wouldn’t know about which means it is a real adventure! I have lived here for over a year now and I had no idea Sheffield had so many quirky little wooded areas! This is why we’d highly recommend geocaching!
This cache was hidden down a steep bank by a stream near the root of a tree! Of course Will being the gentlemen he is went and get it because let’s face it I’m just not THAT adventurous! We had to be extremely careful of muggles!
Here’s the little box of caching goodness! It didn’t contain a lot of fun things unfortunately but we have now found 40 caches!

After finding that cache we of course went via the pub! Let’s be honest we both like a drink or three… Then off we went to find another cache which was hidden very closed to where I live and then we headed back to a famous cache that appeared to have defeated us every time we went to look for it… BUT this time we found it! Will was incredibly happy because we had spent AGES looking for it! BUT now we have logged it and signed it off! We headed back to mine, bought fish and chips and went to watch the rugby at the student union! So the night ended with double vodkas and tequila shots with lemon (which FYI is SO much better)

It was a fun Saturday! We discovered meaningful places with meaningful people which is always a bonus!

Stay tuned for part two & maybe three!

Love and hugs



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