Travel Tuesday: York! (Part two)

Morning little web makers! It’s a Tuesday which means it’s time for a ‘Travel Tuesday’. This week it is also based close to home but never the less it is definitely worth visiting! York is a very historical place full of sights to see and things to do! Our trip was quite the historical kind (but we both love learning and visiting museums so it was right up our street!) York is roughly one hour and 20 minute away from where I live which makes it an excellent place to go on dreamy adventures on the weekend!

We both got up pretty early and hit the road before 9:30am, the night before I had booked tickets for the two sites we had planned on visiting; York Dungeons and Yorvik Viking Centre! It was a tad cheaper if you booked online and apparently it avoided you from queueing and was supposed to offer a priority entrance! To compare the York Dungeons it is apparently not very different to the London Dungeons and was highly entertaining! I think it cost around Β£9.00 for a 85 minute performance which was most definitely worth it! If I can remember correctly Yorvik was a tad cheaper! We also ended up going to Cliffords Tower later on in the day!

We arrived in York and found the cheap savvy car park which didn’t charge an absolute fortune, it was absolutely freezing when we arrived but thankfully during the day it warmed up a lot! We wandered through the picturesque streets of York! York is full of rustic charm with character houses dotted along the way! There was a beautiful tudor looking builder that was in excellent condition!




The streets were so quiet and peaceful and it really aided in the whole experience as you could walk comfortably around without being bombarded with people everywhere you turned or went. We carried on wandering down the cobbled streets as York Dungeons were supposedly across the river and then turn right (which they were!) When we first arrived in York it was very cloudy, cold and foggy as you can probably tell from my photographs!

The River Ouse covered in wildlife in the fog.
The River Ouse on a bleak September morning!

We had plenty of time to spare so we wandered around the town centre before we stumbled upon a costa and decided to sit down for a bite to eat and a warm drink! We both opted for a toastie and a coffee! I of course went for the girly coffee option which was a vanilla latte whilst will had an americano. I decided to try the new toastie which was pork and apple covered in cheese and it’s safe to say that is now my new favourite toastie! It is literally a pork roast dinner in a toastie! Will went for a more classic option, ham and cheese but admitted that mine was amazing as we do that let’s try each others food that some couple do… Yes guilty! I had booked for the 11.30-12.30 slot at York dungeons so we sat, drank and ate then made our way back towards the site!


I really wish I could have taken photographs but it was prohibited! I would highly recommend this place but if you have a boyfriend who happens to have a face for volunteering then be prepared to stand on your own as they will be picked every single time! The poor boy robbed Henry VIII, was sacrificed by the Romans, tortured, sent into a labyrinth and faced castration… Yes it was an eventful hour or so! Will secretly loved it though! I isn’t recommended for people with a nervous disposition but I have been known to jump at the kettle and I came out unscathed πŸ˜‰ In each area they would pick a volunteer to help out! I really don’t want to give to many spoilers about this but if you get the chance to go definitely take it up! It’s also wheelchair friendly which is really good!

When you first arrive two photos are taken and you have the opportunity to buy them upon leaving ‘through the gift shop’ of course! After an hour or so of jumping we headed to the pub of course which was called Plonkers Riverside Bar!

We had several drinks here (red wine and ale for Will!) What was quite astonishing was that this pub has been flooded a ridiculous amount of times and in 2012 it was almost completely under water thanks to the River Ouse!

After our quick pub stop the next port of call was the Jorkic Viking centre! I had already been when I was much younger and I said to Will I think there’s some sort of ride inside the place and I was right! We queue jumped because of our priority tickets and quickly walked into the world of the Vikings! It first started off in a room with a glass floor that looked like a excavation site!


Then everyone was ushed into the next room which contained the ride around a model of what the streets of Yorvik would have looked like in Viking times! It is around fifteen minutes long and has different language options to choose from and visitors from all over the world come to this attraction! There was replica buildings, authentic smells (so do not visit with a hangover) and lots of things to see and listen so as they spoke about what each area represented and so forth! After the ride there were several other rooms containing items which had been recovered from the site.

A skeleton of a viking.
Combs which would have been made from bone.
Viking metal work!
Viking pottery.
Authentic smells (some good, some bad!)
Skulls which show typical injuries which would be fatal

It was incredibly insightful and fun to learn and re visit a place I went to in my childhood! It’s a great place to take children to as they are geared up to entertain people of all ages! Of course we exited through the gift shop but not before will browsed and attempted to try on the worlds heaviest helmet! They had mentioned Cliffords tower in the York Dungeon and we ended up stumbling across the famous tower and we couldn’t resist not going to explore it! I think the admission price was around Β£4.50 but the views from the top are incredible and fortunately it was beautiful and warm by the time we got there!

Clifford Tower!


Once you enter the tower there are several floors with rooms which contain items which were found within the tower and it tells you about the history of the tower and York itself!

Parts of the tower were undergoing renovation work!
There was a sculpture of what York Castle would have looked like!
Inside the castle was a gift shop which sold an array of items!
Will exploring one of the rooms in Clifford’s Tower!
Overlook into Clifford’s Tower!
Dropping pennies because we are young at heart!
Incredible views overlooking the city of York!
Generic ‘Will we need a selfie on this tower’…


We had a really lovely day exploring North Yorkshire! It was very education and fun all at the same time and of course I had an amazing time with Will as per usual! I would highly recommend taking a trip to York to experience the sights and to learn more about the wonderful country that we live in! I hope you enjoyed part two of our dreamy adventures together

Until next time

Love and hugs



4 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: York! (Part two)

  1. Muddy mum September 29, 2015 / 10:16 am

    I do love York, I just wish it wasn’t quite so far away….*sigh*


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