Meaningful Monday: what I got for my 21st birthday part two!

I was thoroughly spoilt on my birthday by absolutely everyone and seeing as your twenty first is meant to be a meaningful birthday I felt like I could get away with posting part two of my birthday haul on a Monday! I am extremely grateful for everything I received! I received quite a lot of money within my birthday cards too but I of course have banked my cash by now! So without a further a do I shall hop right in with some of the dreamy presents I received! If you missed part one (where the bulk of my presents were here is a link to the post!

I was given an array of items from my friend Taylor! She made me the twenty one picture collage which I really love and it is proudly sitting on display in my room! She used pictures that we’d taken at various different occasions when we were Freshers last year! I absolutely love gifts like this! Along with the photo collage she bought be a gold vintage watch as apparently no one can turn 21 without receiving a watch! She also got me a beautiful pearl necklace and earring set, some earrings from new look and a mini set of sprays which are super handy to keep in my handbag!
My friend Anj (who was my flatmate last year) bought me this beautiful Sanctuary Spa set (Sanctuary spa is one of my favourite brands! Along with this she got me some perfume and some lovely lip glosses in an array of pretty colours!
My friend Steph from home made me this candle which smells of melon and is pink and it was incredibly sweet of her!
Mel, also a friend from home gave me this really pretty 21st champagne bottle along with a huge badge with the number 21 on!
My mum’s friend gave me this really cute and vibrant mat which I place a candle on along with some money! I think this is potentially from tiger!
I somehow managed to forget this gift which was from my parents! It is the nicest smelling candle ever and it has the cutest quote on the lid ‘Peace begins with a smile’- Mother Theresa! I absolutely love this candle and the packaging is so pretty!
Will bought me an absolutely beautiful and elegant diamond pendant ! It is so me and he did incredibly well choosing it! It is a silver open heart pendant with a sparkling diamond and it is from The Forever Diamond collection. It is delicate and not over complicated and it is me down to a tee! It’s gorgeous and I’ve been wearing it almost daily especially when we are both apart!
Here is a close up but it is incredibly difficult to get a photo which will do this diamond pendant justice!
Will also treated me to a meal at Las Iguanas and basically paid for most things over my birthday weekend! Which I am incredibly grateful for! You can hear about this meal in my other birthday post ‘Tipsy Tapas’ (Sorry for the self advertisement ;)..)
He also bought me these beautiful white roses and purple flower bouquet when he came back from work and I managed to capture the moment on facetime to my mum! They are in actual fact still going and haven’t changed an awful lot!

I was also sent and given to take with me an awful lot of beautiful cards, filled with beautiful and loving messages which I opened on my birthday morning in bed whilst drinking a cup of tea! I felt incredibly loved!

12096436_10207114900218537_935334770152648479_n 12079586_10207114901298564_6418493311537342784_n 12109210_10207114900858553_393142722696577383_n 12065480_10207114899898529_4952617361548435082_n 12140804_10207114901218562_6339240010860281610_n

As you can see I have been incredibly spoilt and I am very lucky and grateful for all that I have received and for having such wonderful people in my life! I really hope you enjoyed taking a look at my gifts! I apologise about the lack of posts but I have been incredibly busy with law work and general life! I shall endeavour to become a more frequent blogger again some day soon!

Until next time

Love and hugs



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