Day to day life!

Afternoon little web makers!

It’s a Wednesday and I basically use Wednesday as a whatever I feel about writing about kind of day! I’ve been sat doing company law for two hours and then Will told me about a video I hadn’t got round to watching yet so I have given myself a half hour break and within it I will so a quick blog post! I keep looking back over all my previous posts and everything is full of adventures and fun and despite that being true it probably doesn’t give my readers a very accurate portrayal of my every day life. So guess what that is what I’m going to talk about to day! My every day mundane life, with all the highs and the lows! So without further a do I shall get cracking!

Today (university wise) was quite a relaxed day! I only had two sessions today which was a Law of The European Union lecture at 11-12 and a Law of the EU seminar from 12-1. I really dislike EU law, it’s problematic and it’s just not my cup of tea (talking of them I need to make one or maybe another hot choc? I’m digressing apologies! It’s just one of those tedious, heavy going modules that seems to manage to squeeze a huge amount of information into 60 minutes with another 30 slides that we hadn’t even got through. I try my hardest to listen, scribble down notes, dates, facts, cases and diagrams. My main problem being is that I get incredibly numb bums sat in lectures and dead legs and I just end up fidgetting. I actually think I took quite a lot of that lecture in compared to the introductory one where I had to legitimately stop myself from falling Β asleep! We spoke about the Lisbon treaty and how the war affected the EU as a whole and whether the EU referendum was a positive thing for Britain, we looked at head lines on newspapers which highlighted the controversy with Britain being part of the EU and we examined how the different groups within it such as the commission, and the European council need to work together in order to instate new legislation. I mean it was heavy going, but for some strange reason I also really like learning (probably a good thing seeing as I’m studying a qualifying law degree…!)


I will not lie to you, the hour dragged considerably and everyone did breath a sigh of relief when the clock read five to twelve! I however had not escaped EU’s grasp and was made to attend an hour long seminar on the EU. Our lecturer was extremely french and spent around twenty minutes discussing EU law on sausage production and water bottle regulations. I wish I was joking but I am not. We were all once again asked our view on the referendum (I live somewhere outside of the EU so was completely unaware of most things before I moved to the UK) we had to put forward and for and against argument. The for was pretty straight forward. If we were not part of the EU we would not be able to move freely within EU nations, we would not be able to trade with other countries and so forth! The against argument mostly came from my Public Law module which I took last year. In that is showed that Strasbourg’s ruling and laws took precedence over laws that were made in our own country as EU dominate our legislation and it can if it is incompatible override our legislation without our consent as we, as some may say ‘foolishly’ signed the treaty! I could see where he was coming from. Fortunately after my seminar I could head home!

I’m lucky that I only live about 5 minutes away from my university so I can legitimately roll out of bed and wander into the lecture theatre with minutes to spare! After my seminar I went to the vending machine to buy some crisps but disaster striked when I paid the 80p charge and the crisps did not fall down! Thankfully I still have some faith in humanity as a girl saw what had happened and bought the same bag which subsequently knocked mine down! First disaster of the day was diverted!

I strolled home eating my paprika crisps and bumped into my house mate and we both headed to the kitchen to make some lunch! We are both students, we are all poor, have little food and survive off carbs mostly! I opted for a toastie because it’s nice and simple and I had wafer thin chicken and sliced cheese that I need to eat and have brown bread in an abundance! I added a tad of ketchup to make it more appealing and treated myself to a hot chocolate (courtesy of Will’s supply) and some mini marshmellows which I received in my birthday basket!


We ate our lunch washed up and then I headed to my room to write up lecture notes from company law and to watch the 1 hour screen cast on company law that we hadn’t got through in the actual lecture! I wrote all my notes up in my respective childish notepads (minion for company law) and opened my new text book ‘Unlocking Company Law’ and did the obligatory smell of new books! I now just need to read about 50 pages for company law, 50 for criminal law, 50 for tort law and everything shall be tickety boo along with around 4 hours of prep for each seminar apparently… I have a lot to do! Oh and it’s the final of bake off tonight so I need to get a lot of it done for tonight! Tonight it is crappy food, bake off and hot drinks! I lead such an exciting life but hey at least I have frozen and minion notebooks in my life to make this law degree a little less dull! As you may be able to see in reality I lead an extremely boring life day to day just like everyone else really! Tomorrow is jam packed and I am meeting my firm group to do interview prep for another module! I also have a full day of lectures tomorrow with two company law lectures and Tort law! It’s all fun and games!

Fun times!
I’m 21… honest!

So yes when I am not going on dreamy adventures I am most likely sat on my bed scribbling down notes, reading out loud to myself to come to terms with these bloody difficult text books and trying not to lose my rag when lexis nexis or westlaw isn’t providing me with the statues and cases I require!

I tend to reward myself with a Youtube video or 5… But hey I got a care package the other day which means I have chocolate to love and adore and eat.

I love vlogtober…


If you got through this monster of a ranty post about having no life most of the time you should reward yourself with wine or chocolate or both.

Until next time



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