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Wednesday 14th October: A little catch up potensh musing?!

Wow it’s been a little while I do apologise my little web makers! I have actually been incredibly busy with my law work, maintaining my social life and being the domesticated goddess that I of course am (note sarcasm)

It seems like all I tend to post on is a Wednesday ATM but I hope that once I settle truly back into uni life and get a routine that I will manage to throw in a few other blog posts here and there! Anyway please forgive me and I’m so grateful that you’ve all stuck with me!

So today I just thought I’d do a chatty, what I’ve been up to kind of post so without further a do I shall crack on!

I have had quite an actioned packed week and a half as it was my friends 20th so we went out quite a few times for that, then we went to the lock in at Meadowhall, I’ve been out for some meals and I’ve also made some tasty dishes myself! I’ve spent a lot of hours reading my mammoth text books and quite a few hours preparing for seminars!

Last Saturday a large group of us went out for pre birthday drinks for my friend! We all went to Code in Sheffield (which sells insanely cheap drinks which could ultimately be a downfall!) It was a really fun night and we all got rather drunk, pulled some fabulous move on the dance floor and boogied the night away! I think I went to bed around 6am on Sunday! It’s safe to say Sunday was a ‘I’m feeling sorry for myself I want cuddles and love please, please? I don’t think me and Taylor actually got out of bed and ended up listening to N Dubz Papa can you me, and had a mini sing along session in my room! It was fabulous!



Monday was a pretty heavy day (university wise) the particular killer was the fact I had a two hour Law of the European Union seminar from 4-6pm and then I got home and cooked tea and then it got very exciting later on because my darling boyfriend decided to surprise me by driving up to see me and of course he had wine, lindt chocolate and BBQ kettle chips! I was so happy to see him! Even though it wasn’t that long ago that he left I still miss him an awful lot and we spent Monday evening together watching Bridget Jones and drinking wine, it was wonderful!


Tuesday was Taylor’s birthday! So we went for brunch at the Craft and Plough where they have a special offer for students on breakfasts (two for one) It has a lovely vintage vibe inside with bar stools and exposed brick walls and quirky things here and there! Four of us ended up going for brunch and two of us opted for a ‘yorkshire sausage sandwich’ whilst the other two went for the good old bacon sarnie!

Of course it same with rocket!

In the evening a group of us also went out for a meal to the Italian Kitchen and we all had a really good time and the food was amazing! There was such a large choice to choose from and although it wasn’t exactly cheap (for students) it was a really enjoyable night! We ended up getting dessert too because we were all tempted by what was on offer!

Ravioli stuffed with chicken, mozzarella and pancetta in a creamy sauce, garlic crispy croutons and cherry tomatoes with mushrooms!
Plum and almond tart with homemade vanilla ice cream!

It was so tasty and we all just went back to ours and chilled for a bit before heading it bed!

The less exciting things I have been doing since I last blogged is flower arranging, pressing roses and scrapbooking! I’ve also bought and wrapped Will’s presents and I finally managed to get my hands on a diary to organise my life and I now have a 16-25 rail card!


I am so attractive… note sarcasm once again!

I mentioned that I’ve been cooking and here are some of the culinary delights I have rustled up!



It’s also definitely getting a lot colder in the North and it is feeling extremely autumnal but I do not mind because this means it is officially boots, coats, scarves and layers season which I am very excited about! It’s such a pretty walk to uni walking on the crunchy yellow leaves and watching the remaining leaves turn red/brown!


I’ve also received another care package but this time it was from my parents who of course sent me a few ‘Char’ essentials to get me through the next week or so! I absolutely love receiving care packages it is just a nice little reminder of home and my wonderful parents!


I really must stop muttering away and get back to work! Anyway this weekend should also be cute because I am with my favourite person (Will) and I am heading down south for the weekend to stay with him! We are leaving tomorrow afternoon which is cute and I am very much looking forward to it! I’m sorry this is such an all over the place kind of post! It is what it is so to speak!

Love and Hugs



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