I saw a polar bear: Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to post something! I’m hoping it will be worth the wait!

Today I got on a train to Doncaster, followed by a bus in order to see a polar bear (along with some other pretty cool animals!) It was a really fun day out and I absolutely loved looking at all the beautiful animals strolling around! Albeit the weather was rather shoddy but I dressed appropriately and had an amazing time! The whole trip only cost Β£16 and it was so worth it in my opinion!

We set off from Sheffield and caught the train to Doncaster before walking to the interchange to get our bus which would take us to animal goodness! In my opinion it is a beautiful wildlife park, and the animals look extremely well cared for and their enclosures are roomy meaning they have plenty of room to roam! It was particularly fun because you could actually walk through some of the enclosures such as the Lima’s, wallaby’s and monkeys! It was such an up close and personal kind of park! There was plenty of food establishments and shops to buy souvenirs (if only I wasn’t a poor poor student!)


We started off our adventure by stopping by to look at the meerkats!



Then we gawked at the beautiful flamboyant flamingos…


Next it was time to enter the beautiful and majestic lion section of the wild life park! I absolutely love big cats and lions are one of my favourites! These two brothers had their full manes and looked immaculate and they had so much space to roam and as you might be able to tell they were NOT camera shy!!!



I could have just spent hours staring at how beautiful and magnificent these creatures are! Our next port of call was the wallaby enclosure which you could actually walk through and if you so wished you could even pat them!


They were very cute and extremely sassy and were clearly not afraid of people traipsing through their territory! The next enclosure was the lemurs! It was pretty hard to see them but I captured some pretty cool silhouettes in the trees! It looks quite artsy!



It was nice to see that they were free to roam and that they were not caged and could live their lives swinging through the trees! Next up was project polar bear! The section which I was definitely most excited about! I have never seen a polar bear and they are just as magical and wonderful as I had imagined! We had ample photo opportunity as sassy Vincent was just chilling right up against the fence tucking into some meat! He was wonderful! I am so glad to have seen one of the worlds most endangered species!



Just look at those gorgeous big bear paws! I was in love with Vincent! If you get the chance to visit this wildlife park definitely pay a visit to project polar!!! Next up were the cutest little monkeys ever!!! They are so small and cute and incredibly friendly and you could wander through their enclosure!


We also spotted Bambi for any Disney fanatics out there!!!


Then it was time to enter the tiger zone! I absolutely love tigers, I’m just a cat person what can I say! We were initially disappointed because the adult tigers where chilling and relaxing near the top on their enclosure!


They still looked incredibly and beautiful but there was a massive surprise waiting for us around the corner…



There were loads of beautiful tiger cubs just laying down right beside the fence! They were so cute and one was twitching in it’s sleep! I absolutely love tigers and to see so many up close and personal was amazing! The cat goodness did not stop there though because in the next enclosure was a very sassy leopard with it’s back away from the crowd (I cannot blame him) he stilled looked magnificent and grand and beautiful!



It was very hard to drag ourselves away from these marvellous created but next it was time to go to the giraffe house! It was incredibly hard to get a good photo because they didn’t want to face the weather outside but I stood on my tiptoes and managed to get a half decent photo of one of my favourite animals!


They are so incredibly cute and I wish I could have got a better photo of them! Our final stop was the ‘African plaines’ where there were zebras cantering around the field and having a brilliant time with the antelopes! It was very cute! Although the emu’s were really not impressed with people taking photos of the zebras!!!


It was a really good day! The animals seemed content and happy in their environment and there was ample room for them all to live comfortably! It was probably one of my favourite wild life parks in the UK! I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my dreamy animal adventures! I would highly recommend a visit!

Love and hugs



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