A chilled weekend in Reading with Will!

This was actually last weekend but life has been crazy what with seminar prep and family stuff I have been literally rushed off my feet! I only have two seminars to prep for this week so it’s a tad more manageable to find time to post this week! It will be a relatively short post because we have a relatively chilled time (in comparison to normal) but I think we both quite enjoyed just chilling and enjoying each others company! We drove down last Thursday and ended up driving back late on Sunday night! I had university on the Thursday till 4, so we left sharp at four and it was a full 4 or so hours to get back to Will’s! There seemed to have been loads of accidents and incidents on the roads and Will’s phone (satnav app) couldn’t decide which way to go to avoid all these unfortunate events! We stopped at Morrison’s and picked up some food for the weekend and opted for a chinese meal bag for our dinner and there was also this huge selection of olives which was quite frankly heaven in a pot! We just watched some tv and chilled and had a fairly early night! Friday Will was working from home (and because I am such a good girl I had done all of my prep for the upcoming week so I spent a large majority of the day doing a spot of therapeutic colouring

I didn’t want to see another bear after embarking on that marathon colouring session!

For dinner Will made a delicious chicken, sweet potato and pea curry! It was really yummy and he thought he’d try me with a bit of spice to see how I’d react (I used to be allergic to chilli and my mouth would swell whenever I consumed any!) Safe to say there were no adverse reactions! He then got me to attempt to play fifa… safe to say the only part I’m remotely good at is penalties if only it came down the penalties and not actually having to play the game… but life is never that simple is it! Oh I forgot to mentioned we watched the Star Wars trilogy over the weekend (watching one film every night) I had watched them before but it was a very long time ago and Star Wars is one of Will’s major loves in life and I’m glad to say I enjoyed watching them! In fact Will booked tickets to watch the new film when it comes out in December in Reading (the night before we fly home for Christmas) so that will be very exciting! I really want to tell you about the amazing thing I found that will make every bleary and bleak winter morning a little more exciting but I can’t ruin the surprise unfortunately! I think I’m more excited about it than he will be!!! We shall see! Friday night was quite chilled! We watch some TV, chatted and went to bed fairly late!

Saturday was a running errands type of day so Will drove to central Reading to get his hair cut and to pick up a few essential cleaning things for the car. I went to a coffee shop and had a latte whilst he was having his mop chopped and then we wandered around, popping into Wilkinsons, TK Max, some cool shop (can’t remember the name) which sold these awesome colourful fountain speakers which Will of course tried out and got everyone interested in these intriguing pieces! We saw that one of our favourite Youtubers who tends to try whacky stuff had tried the Halloween burger from burger king (it is literally a black burger) and Will wanted to try it and I thought I might as well try it as well! So we drove to some nearby services and ordered two of the Halloween Whooper meals!



It was so incredibly black (it was meant to taste of BBQ) but it was pretty bland and non BBQ so was a bit of a let down but we tried it and conquered the world’s most unappetising (looks wise) burger! We of course (you guessed it) found a quaint country pub and watched the world go by with a glass or two of red (and ale for Will) I absolutely love these quaint little country pubs that allow walkers to come in with the cutest dogs going! A particular favourite was the most gorgeous looking husky which was so big but a real gentle giant and that was when I decided that I want a husky when I am ‘older’ because they are so blooming cute! Albeit I’m sure it would take me for a walk and not the other way round…


A standard Charlotte and Will kind of photograph… SorryNotSorry!

We then drove back, watched the final film in the Star Wars trilogy and lazed around before going to bed fairly late! Sunday was once again a fairly chilled day, I made a bacon and hash-brown toastie for brunch and then we just ate whatever was left! I think we left Reading around 5ish and made our way back up North! We played our typical car games and I for once won with the word Kirpan (I won’t go into details) but it was a huge victory for little old me! We got into Sheffield around 9 (give or take) and decided to get a dominoes! He is a man after my own heart and loves cheese and BBQ and we got the meal deal (1 large pizza) 2 sides and two drinks and just sat and ate like the ravenous people we were with a glass or wine and an ale! I watched the third part of a drama on BBC called ‘From the Darkness’ and we had a relatively early night because he had work and I had uni the following day!


Here is the glass of wine previously mentioned…

It was a lovely relaxing weekend spent with my gorgeous boy!



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