A week in the life of a 2nd year LLB Law student!

Morning little pumpkins!

It’s been quite some time since I last posted and I am sincerely sorry about that! Uni is pretty full on and life is of course hectic and busy and sometimes, just sometimes I do not have the time to post and blog like I used to when I wasn’t reading massive law books and spending hours on seminar prep! I really haven’t done anything that exciting this week but this is the low down of a 2nd year law students life! Let me first explain that I have seminars fortnightly for all my modules and then I have weekly lectures (there are sometimes two per module). My first week is considerably less heavy work based as I only have two modules to prepare for which is criminal law and public law 2. The following week I have law of tort, law of the European Union, company law and a pro bono type of module! Anyway without further a do I shall kick start the week on the Monday!


Monday was a pretty relaxed day, I only had three things on that day which was a public law seminar on judicial standing from 2pm-3pm. I quite enjoy my public law seminars as they are very interactive and it’s a good way of learning in my opinion! Following on from that I had a criminal law seminar which was on transferred malice and homicide which was also quite interesting and beneficial! I then had an hours gap so I popped to a corner shop bought a meal deal: sandwich, yogurt and drink for £3 and then I went and sit in the cafe area at uni and waited for my law of the EU lecture which was at 5pm-6pm! Surprisingly it was the best lecture we’d had so far in that module and familiar cases were mentioned like Factortame and about how EU laws take precedent over our laws and it was a small reminder of public law in our first year! It’s crazy how dark it is outside at 6pm! We made the short walk back to mine and I did my usual facetime to my lovely parents and then a brilliant proposition was made to me via whatsapp

Will: what do you want, dominoes or indian?

That boy, oh that boy knows how to spice up a Monday night (he makes the drive from Reading to Sheffield on a Monday and goes back on a Thursday) I went for indian (he automatically knew what that meant) banana chicken curry it is…. it’s so good! It’s called Kashmir chicken and its fruity and delicious! I think Will arrived around 8pm and then we sat on the bed with my picnic set eating our indian with a glass of wine and an ale! It was a good night and he never fails to cheer me up or make me laugh! So that was a good way to end Monday!


I had the day off from university, but I hadn’t been feeling very well so I decided to try and catch up on some vital sleep because I hadn’t been sleeping properly for over a week and all I could do was toss and turn and wake up absolutely boiling and proceed to take everything off as a last ditch attempt to cool down! I did one productive thing which was to listen to my criminal law lecture recording and make notes on homicide! I think that is pretty much Tuesday summed up! I went to bed at 7pm, slept till 9:30 pm, slept till 3am, then 6am. Oh I made a poached egg on toast which was probably the biggest achievement of the day!



I also had this day off university too (see what I mean about a quiet week in week 1!) I did some prep for the following week and tried to rest in order to feel better for my busiest day which was a Thursday, my friend from home was also due to visit me so I did some general tidying up, changing of the sheets and tried to spruce the place up a little bit! It didn’t look that much better!


I had a company law lecture from 1-2 then an hours break so I headed home. From 3pm-4pm I had my law of tort lecture and from 4pm-5pm I had my public law two lecture! Beth’s train was meant to arrive at twenty past five which meant I had just enough time to get home and wait for her taxi to get to mine! It was so good to see her and it made me realise how much I miss my girlies from home! We of course wanted a big catch up and we both wore comfy outfits and headed to my local spoons to just indulge and have an amazing time! I was so hungry and that food was amazing and it came in at under £10 for a main and a dessert which you just wouldn’t get in Guernsey! We both went for burgers, I had the tennesse burger and Beth had the pulled pork burger and then we both had icecream sundaes! I have the fruity one and beth had the chocolate one! It was good, then we made the walk back, hopped into our pj’s and watched the back up plan! It was a really good film actually! We then chatted for quite a few hours, it was a real laugh and then we eventually went to sleep at some unearthly hour! Beth’s train to Plymouth was fairly early in the morning and we were both exhausted! It was a flying visit but it was great to see the girl!



It was pretty chilled, my lecture was cancelled so I did some work for the following week! I finished a reflection piece and wrote up an attendance note for CLE on our clients details of the accident and the desired outcome! I started my law of tort prep and sat in bed and read several long chapters on the tort of negligence and dived into the caparo three stage test! It was a cosy clothes kind of day and I wore my new favourite garish jumper which Will says looks like I’m wearing either my duvet or a gay pride flag… It’s just a pastel jumper. It’s so comfy though and it’s an early present for being such an amazing daughter… I jest… maybe!


I ordered a few presents for people in the evening and I did a spot of colouring because it is so damn therapeutic! The girls in my flat chilled in the living room and watched scary movie 4 before I headed to bed! Then at 2:30am the fire alarm went off and woke us all up which was NOT cool!


I aim to finish my law of tort reading and do my seminar prep, we are getting takeaway for tea which is super exciting and I am already looking forward to that, there was a mention of going out but I’m not sure whether I can bothered to walk the ‘spooky’ streets of Sheffield on Halloween. I never go out for it normally… I really should get on with my work! Anyway have a ghoulish night for anyone who is going out tonight!



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