Feel Good Friday: Check them baps and check your racks!


Evening little web makers! So the title is probably a tad intriguing but you guessed it, this post is about your nunganungas!


and before you ask… Yes I am getting my breasticle literary from a cringy film that I obsessed over in my teens and if you want to laugh at how bloody cringey this little beaut is and hear a guy say nunganungas it is most definitely the film for you! FYI (Angus, thongs and perfect snogging!) But on a serious note, we need to look after our bazoomas, baps, rack, tits, boulders, jugs, chesticles, boobs, breasts, hooters… knockers… whatever you want to call your assets, your twins, your chelsea buns! They need to be looked after! I think this has been recently highlighted with goings on that’s made me think hey maybe you two need a little more TLC! The real crappy thing is that this crap happens A LOT. It has happened to those we love, to friends, to family and potentially it’s even happened to you! It doesn’t seem to matter if you are fat/thin/medium/muscly/toned/broad/tall/short/average this Sugar. Honey. Iced. Tea happens to us all! So instead of living in absolute fear of every eventuality in the world happening maybe we should be a bit more proactive and get to know ourselves a little better! The thing is you know your body better than anyone else, you know what’s right and what’s definitely darn wrong and needs investigating ASAP!

The real silly thing is a lot of us are just not checking, it’s funny, boobs are used all over in food advertisement, products, packaging, TV but yet a lot of women and men are just too afraid to give theirs the once over every now and then! It seems a bit daft. Yes, men can get it too so get checking them pecks! I mean for me personally I’m quite found of my pair so shouldn’t I try toΒ be more proactive with attempting to keep them as peachy as poss?

I could include the signs and symptoms but we are a generation who googles every single medical condition possible and conclude that most of the time we must have some exotic or deadly disease because we fit one of those criteria’s… we are all guilty of that once or twice… The thing is with this is that sometimes you just simply do not know! So it’s important to be breast aware, to know what’s normal for you and what’s not, when you hit the big five 0 it’s paramount you go to your annual mammograms, this is your life we’re talking about, what’s 20 minutes out of your day to lead a long and lovely, dreamy and dream boat life hey!? Age is irrelevant, don’t kid yourself or talk yourself out of anything. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So love them t*ts, give them some regular loving! Grab them (just like them bright girls in the picture) who knows it could save your life one day!

I’m all hootered out.




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