A list of things I am looking forward to in November!

November is always an exciting month, it’s the month before christmas, everything starts to look extremely wintery and it’s very acceptable to start wearing gorgeous wintery outfits every single day! So what isn’t to love you ask! This month is quite action packed and so is December to be quite honest! BUT these are some of the things I am looking forward to this month.


  • Louisa turns two! I’m sad I’m missing it BUT I am excited about giving her presents and seeing her cheeky little face and watch her cause chaos on a Saturday!
  • I am going home for reading week on the 14th November (this time next week I’ll be in my little homeland with the majority of those who I love dearly, Mops being the exception this obviously includes my beloved felines!
  • 14th November (evening) also means a beautiful big plate of BBQ ribs and chips are coming my way!
  • 16th November having my hair cut which means I will no longer have to curl my fringe in order to see..
  • The week after reading week 23rd-29th is Will’s last weekend up North for work (I’m not excited about him leaving, quite the opposite but all will come clear in a few more bullets.
  • 27th November I am making a birthday meal for Mops which includes appetisers, main and a cheeky pud (all accompanied with Wine)
  • 28th November involves hopping on a train to Leeds and going on dreamy christmas adventures in the German market where there will be sausages, baubles, alcoholic beverages and cute little stores!
  • 29th November, my love, Mops, Will, WRS, Peachy turns twenty five. So there will be present giving and cuddles and potensh a cheeky day trip somewhere, it really does depend what takes our fancy! Or might switch things around and head to Leeds on the Sunday! Oh the possibilities are endless!
  • 30th November will be a sad day BUT also a super duper exciting one because in 24hrs I will be able to crack open my Disney Frozen advent calendar and start building the cute scene with the characters!

Some things that I’m just generally looking forward about!

  • Compiling an epic christmas playlist with Buble, Carey, McCartney, Wham, Pogues, Wizzard, Richard & Lewie being a few of my all time favourites!
  • I’m also excited about there being fabulous cheesy christmas films shown on the weekend such as National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and the all time classic Elf!
  • I’m excited about starting Christmas shopping
  • Wandering around in the dark with the twinkling Christmas lights!
  • Buying a ‘make your own gingerbread house’ to construct as some point with Mops.

Then before I know it I’ll be reunited with Mops and the family in time to make beautiful December memories and have wonderful Christmas adventures!



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