Pep talks 101


Morning my little autumnal webmakers! I am back this morning with a post that hopefully may help some of you out if you too are feeling like you a little stuck in a Novemer rut! The title of this post, Pep talks 101 may perhaps give the game away that this post is all about those little pep talks you get that inspire and encourage you to just keep plodding onwards! There are currently two main ‘pep providers’ in my life; my mum and Will. Both of them continue to inspire and encourage me and like to remind me about the ultimate goal and not any of the unnecessary rubbish which comes between that! I’m a girl sometimes I doubt my ability, sometimes I loathe my appearance and sometimes the way people treat you just makes you want to hide under the covers and long for a warm loving embrace. So when I’m feeling a little lost and sad I normally message my mum through whatsapp and we either have a facetime conversation or I message Will or phone him and he like my mum never fails to bring me around from my little sad ‘episode’. I actually enjoyed writing yesterdays list about dreamy plans this month so I thought well why not write a list on ways to be happy because believe me the little things DO make a big difference to improving ones happiness and outlook on life in general!

Ten ways to improve your happiness!

  1. Do not waste precious time on those who would not give you the light of day. You should start putting yourself first instead of others who are stomping over your happiness.
  2. Jealousy is a cruel cruel thing. It can make a person extremely bitter so never spend a minute of your time being that, it makes people act and talk in a way which just isn’t productive or remotely nice and it’s never nice to be on the receiving end.
  3. Have an end goal to work towards, i.e. there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but you just need to find a way to get it. There is a huge reward at the end of this journey and that should be your main focus. There is something worth a whole lot more than this but it’s going to take time and energy but it is worth it! So never lose sight of your ultimate goal!
  4. Fill your life with things that make you happy, like people. You know the one’s that despite whatever shoddy situation is going on never fail to make you crack a smile. The ones who offer hugs and stroke your hair and provide humour in pretty grim situations. Yes, those are the people you need to surround yourself with. These people are essentially part of your metaphoric cheerleading squad who will wave pompoms when the going gets tough.
  5. Don’t let the buggers get you down- unfortunately people will try to stomp their muddy boots over your happiness, they’ll tie your laces together and wait to watch to see if you fall. Now the key thing is to make sure before you stand up is to ensure that those buggers will NOT see you fall instead you will walk freely and their attempts of ruining your happiness will NEVER burst your happy bubble because YOU ARE stronger than their pettiness.
  6. Drink tea, tea makes EVERYTHING a heck of a lot better! So what you waiting for, get boiling that kettle and slip into a dreamy world of infused bliss!
  7. Split things up into little chunks, if you have a particular event or date that is significant then split time up into more manageable chunks i.e. term dates, holiday and special moments! When you split the months up it seems a hell of a lot more doable!
  8. Make a happy and inspiring playlist that you can always fall back on when you feel overwhelmed! Music always seems to help me out when I’m feeling a little blue!
  9. Have someone who you can call, skype, message when it is a particularly bad day, this person cares and loves you and just wants you to be happy and can offer a rational insight on the situation in hand!
  10. Find some form of release, whether that is exercise, baking, reading, blogging, colouring… whatever it is if it’s all getting to much take a few minutes and just release all that pent up crap in a productive way so to speak!

So my little munchkins there we have it, if I’m being honest this post is just as much for me as it is for anyone else! So let’s put the best foot forward and never lower ourselves to such a level! It’s ok! It’s ok! IT’S OK!

Even when I’m a blubbing mess I can and WILL still be optimistic just like this little iced doughnut.



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