I’m feeling a little festive so I thought why not go through some christmas adverts and pick my favourite?

I love christmas! It’s magical, wonderful and it means spending time with your nearest and dearest and it also means delicious food! FYI this year will be the first magical year that I get to experience a PROPER CHRISTMAS DINNER WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS since I stopped being vegetarian all the way back in July! Safe to say I am excited for stuffing, pigs in blankets, gammon, pork… basically MEAT. I am excited for a whole array of meats and snack based food which I couldn’t eat last year! So bring it on! I love the Christmas adverts albeit they play over and over and OVER again BUT it means christmas is just around the corner! I obviously have a lot of exciting things to do and look forward to in November but nevertheless December will be brilliant (once I’ve submitted all my relevant course work pieces that is!)

  1. I obviously need to include John Lewis’s newest one!

I love that their newest advert holds such a lot of meaning and I love that JL always plays on things that are well known to all ages such as the man on the moon and the bear and the hare! I think it is quite a moving advert and really makes you think about all those who will be lonely this christmas and as seeing as this country is slowly turning into an ageing generation it makes sense to donate to such a worthy cause!

2. Monty the penguin!

I also happened to ADORE last years advert by John Lewis; Monty the Penguin, it was just so blooming cute and adorable and made me want a pet penguin or at very least one of the monty stuffed toy ones! My mum searched high and low for one but sadly they ran out of stock very quickly! I most definitely still love this advert! It was all about love and I think christmas is all about that loving lovelyness!

3. 2014 Sainsbury’s Christmas advert

I love that this advert was inspired on real events that happened 100 years ago, it supported the Royal British Legion. It tells us that Christmas is all about sharing & coming together…it probably pulled on many heart strings and caused quite a few tears!

4. Freshpets holiday feast

I love cats and dogs and thoroughly enjoy anything that is cute and quirky and funny- therefore this is an advert for me!

5. McVitie’s Victoria Christmas Choir advert.

This is such a blooming cute advert with the cutest animals EVER! I’m such a sucker for things with animals in I’m instantly in love with cute things. I love animal themed christmas adverts… I wont lie to you!

So there we have it! those are five of my favourite Christmas adverts! I know it’s a bit different but I am excited that Christmas is coming!


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