My heart is heavy, it is heavy for all those affected by the recent devastations, it is heavy because it happened  close to home and affected people who I am close to. My heart is heavy because it took such a tragic event to highlight just how broken our world is. It took 129 lives and hundreds more for us to finally understand the mere seriousness of this all. It took an attack on a vibrant bustling city, it took the killing of 129 innocent civilians for the nations to come together united. Lest we not forget all those hundreds and thousands of lives that have been taken by the hands of extremists but let us not discriminate and associate religions with such atrocities. Let us not spread the hate but instead share the love. Let us pray for our brothers and sisters, let us come together and let us hope for peace amongst the nations.

The terrifying thing is that this catastrophic event happened to ordinary people like me and you, it happened to young and old alike. There was no particular target, they didn’t care if they were parents, wives, daughters, sons and so forth, they didn’t care that these people were living their life and enjoying the Parisian culture. It did not matter. This happened to ordinary people. This in theory could happen to anyone. Today there was a serious terrorist threat at a London airport. Today I too was at an airport with heightened security and armed guards. Today I boarded a flight at an international airport. This is why no one should leave on a bad note, dismiss love or be ungrateful. We are alive. You are alive. We are the lucky ones, so hug your loved ones a little tighter and treasure every single moment. Hundreds of lives have been changed by these events. We are the lucky ones and we must never take anything for granted.

Nous sommes tous ensemble