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One windy day: OOTD

Evening or should I say morning! I am enjoying every second of being at home. I am of course missing Mops but I’ll see him pretty soon! So yes, it’s been lovely to be back in such a warm and loving place! I literally only bought a few skirts with me and a few jumpers because let’s be honest I still have a pile of clothes back home in my family house! So here is what I wore one windy morning in November (aka today…)


I decided to wear minimal makeup which meant the bare essentials. So I wore foundation, concealer, a tiny bit of white shimmery eye shadow, a pink lip and a fine coating of mascara. I quickly straightened my hair before walking out of the door!


I decided to wear my mint green cropped jumper from asos (which is actually full lengthed on me…) and paired it with my black denim button down skirt from Newlook. I then throw on a vintage brown tweed jacket to finish the look off nicely!


I decided to opt for your standard black tights and wore my trusty brown leather riding boots which were admittedly an investment but they have aged incredibly well!


I really liked the simplicity of the outfit and the overall general look!

So there we have it my little web makers! Another winter outfit to add to my ongoing collection!

BTW I was messing around trying on hats….

Love & hugs


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