It’s a scary old world out there kids!

I am back.

It’s a scary old world out there kids. It’s a scary old world filled with scary old people (not literally). You might be aware that a students body was found in a stream about 5 minutes from where I live this week and in the last few weeks there have been a number of rapes in the city whereย I reside. It’s scary. So this is a post to attempt to knock some sense into myself and the general public about keeping safe, well and away from danger. I’m going to tackle this with one big almighty list.

  1. Do not walk on your own ANYWHERE in the dark if you cannot help it!
  2. Always let someone know where you are going and give a rough time of ETA for your arrival back.
  3. DO NOT ACCEPT DRINKS FROM STRANGERS. You hearing me CMEW don’t blooming do it! Stop being a stingy sasspot and buy your own damn drink.
  4. Cover that drink, make it a habit, make it a natural instinct DO NOT TRUST EVERYONE.
  5. Never, I repeat NEVER get in another car/taxi/vehicle with an effective stranger… who even thinks that’s logical *cough*
  6. Do not wander off on your tod. This is the worst thing you could do.
  7. Travel with at least one other person in the dark/nights out (the more the better)
  8. Do not walk home alone and check whether there are safety measures put in place by your university (i.e. safe taxi scheme)
  9. If you have to walk alone stick to well lighted and busy roads and streets and avoid passages and small back lanes.
  10. Alway carry some emergency cash on you because you never know when you are going to need it.
  11. Always ALWAYS make sure your phone is full charged before heading on a night out and always make sure you have someone you can contact if you need/require it!
  12. Try and be sensible, that’s difficult when booze is involved but don’t think you are unstoppableย because you have had a drink or 5…
  13. Some people are NOT who they say they are… anyone can have a NUS card/student card… don’t be silly!
  14. Everyone turns into your instant BFF when tipsy, they can/do abuse this, don’t let it happen.
  15. If you can’t tell what ways up and which ways down order a pint of 2 of water (hint… it’s free!)
  16. Be weary, be alert, be ready, you don’t know what could happen so all you can do is to try and help yourself!
  17. Download the app companion- it’s on the app store!

I’m not saying anything is going to happen to you or me but isn’t it best to be ready and to avoid doing silly things which put you in danger? This is just as much for me as it is for you… believe I’ve got the T shirt when it comes to being an absolute idiot about looking after myself on nights out and being generally a bit daft! The world isn’t full of people with good intentions sadly and I think recent events have made a lot of us think how we dice with an awful lot when we do the ridiculous and stupid things we do. ย So the moral of the story is to try and take steps to stop any scary thing from happening albeit sometimes you can take very preventative step going and it still happens but still! Let’s put our best sensible foot forward!


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